Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rashad Evans: Twitter will hurt your damn feelings

Twitter is a marvelous tool when used appropriately. 

With that being said, the social media site also opens the door to a barrage of hurtful criticism, which former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans knows all too well.

Here's what he had to say about it:

“If I read a couple and get mad, and I feel like saying something back? That’s when I know I need to cool out for a second and turn it off,” Evans told MMAjunkie. “Because Twitter, it’s great, but Twitter will hurt your damn feelings, man.”

“People will say some outrageous things on there,” Evans said. “It makes you feel like, man, if I was there with you, I bet a million dollars you wouldn’t even want to think that because you’d be scared I might hear your thoughts and beat the hell out of you.”

Evans is absolutely and 100 percent correct. Athletes and celebrities are constant targets of unreasonable criticism, as some Twitter users apparently forget the fact that these people have feelings, too. It truly is amazing how low some people will go with their tweets in order to make their wrath known. 

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