Saturday, November 2, 2013

Photo: Billboard in Jacksonville urges Jaguars owner to sign Tim Tebow

Some fans really want to see Tim Tebow in Jacksonville. (Twitter)

The Tim Tebow saga with the Jackonsville Jaguars continues.

Well, at least the hope by some fans for the winless team to sign the free agent quarterback, as evidenced by this billboard that recently popped up in Jacksonville.

As you can see, the billboard urges Jaguars owner Shad Khan to sign Tebow to a contract, and in return this billboard makes a lofty promise on the part of fans.

This isn't the first time Jaguars fans have flashed propaganda requesting that the team sign Tebow. In Week 4, a banner was flown over EverBank Field encouraging the franchise to ink the enigmatic Florida native.

Hey, why not? The Jags have nothing to lose at this point.

Via Eye on Football


  1. Mr. Kahn, please sell your team to somebody that knows about football.

  2. Sign Tim Tebow - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why are you afraid to take a chance on a proven talent?

  3. Will all of you idiots that keep asking for Tebow pick another team to follow. He was dropped from THREE teams already. None of you are football personnel people or coaches. Spend the billboard & banner money for charity instead of wasting it. The stadium sells plenty of tickets and the team has already told you NO. Get a life and stop embarrassing REAL Jaguar fans.

    1. Tebow IS a Winning NFL QB. This guy above doesn't know what W's and L's stand on a teams standings. That is wins and loses Mr. Genius. Check the records!

    2. hey man, I'm a real jaguar fan and a real NFL fan. I shared your same opinion for the past few years but have been watching a level of ineptitude that is unmatched by and other pro team. At this point I'm okay with them brining him in. If he does as bad as you think you still have nothing to worry about because we'll still be sitting on the first overall pick.

  4. With Tebow we could only get better we cant win a game now so how could it hurt to try something different and i agree people will show up because it would give us hope and there are a lot of gator fans local who want to see tim tebow get a chance in his home town we all need something or someone to get behind and its hard to watch us play today we need a change we need tebow

  5. I've been against it for a while, but why not at this point. It sucks that I'm literally bummed out that I have already paid for four more tickets to go sit and watch this crap we call a football team. whether from injury, drug rehab, or simply can't play the jags only of 1 of their last 6 first round draft picks starting this weekend and his name is Tyson Alualu; two of the last 7 if lewis is healthy this week. It might not make them better, but getting Tebow sure as heck can't make them worse. Sign the guy let him play out 8 games and see what happens. What's the worse thing that could happen? The jags haven't scored a touchdown at their home field all year (London doesn't count). In three true home games the jags have conjured up 11 points. 3 freaking field goals and a safety. God forbid we bring in Tebow and maybe actually score a touchdown in front of the season ticket holders. It's pretty pitiful that my goal for the 2K I spent on tickets is to see the team score one freaking touchdown. Is that too much to ask for? I'm to the point that I've basically decided not to buy tickets next year because this team really doesn't seem to care about the local fan base. Rebuilding is one thing, but this is taking it to the point of insanity.

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