Saturday, November 23, 2013

Papa John's employees quit after being forced to work after being robbed at Peyton Manning-owned location

Employees who work at the Denver Papa John's franchise owned by Peyton Manning that was robbed at gunpoint are not happy about the way the situation unfolded after the ordeal took place.

According to TMZ Sports, multiple employees have expressed discontent after allegedly being forced by management to work immediately following the robbery.

From TMZ:

We spoke to several employees who were on-duty during the Nov. 17 robbery ... and they tell us two workers have already quit, one has taken a month leave, and several others have been calling in sick. More still have filed complaints with Papa John's HQ.

We're told the employees (nearly a dozen) are also claiming the district manager ignored police advice to close up shop for the night ... out of consideration for the workers' emotional distress. 

The robbers held up employees at gunpoint and stole an unreported amount of cash at gunpoint during Sunday's Broncos-Chiefs game. As of Saturday morning, the suspects still remain at large.