Friday, November 15, 2013

Opposing fans buying '40-0' shirts to mock Kentucky basketball's failed attempt for perfection


The founders of a Kentucky Wildcats-themed website called have seen a significant surge in traffic since the No. 1 Cats dropped a close one to No. 2 Michigan State on Tuesday.

The site boasts a shirt that simply reads "40-0," which is in reference to Kentucky's lofty hopes of going undefeated this season, and the shirt has been selling like hotcakes over the past two days. More than 25,000 people have visited the site in 36 hours since Kentucky's loss, by far the biggest spike in the site's month-long history. In fact, so many shirts have been sold already that the site's creators are considering whether or not to print another batch to meet demand.

From The Dagger:

"It's absolutely mind-boggling," founder David Son said Thursday afternoon. "We're selling more T-shirts than we were before, and the crazy thing is we aren't doing anything to promote the site. Some of the guys I'm working with do social media for all kinds of companies, a dentist, a law firm, everything. They're like, 'This is insane. We don't get this kind of traffic.'"

The explanation for the sudden sales surge lies in the shipping addresses of the customers who have purchased shirts since Tuesday night. There have been an unusually high rate of purchases from residents of Louisville, Michigan, Kansas and North Carolina, suggesting that the T-shirts are going to rival fans interested in poking fun at Kentucky's quest for a 40-0 season ending 38 victories short.

"I think they're Louisville fans, I think they're Michigan State fans, I think they're North Carolina fans," Son said. "People love to hate the evil empire. If you're not a UK fan and you're not from the state of Kentucky, you hate Kentucky. And if you're a Kentucky fan, you love being hated."

The shirt is being sold for $14.95 apiece, guys. Go ahead and join in on the fun.

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