Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nick Saban's wife says he isn't leaving Alabama, takes subtle jab at fans for 'lack of appreciation'

Terry Saban, the wife of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, says the prized coach isn't going anywhere. These comments stem from rumors that suggested Saban may have an interest in coaching the Texas Longhorns. Nonetheless, Mrs. Saban says they aren't leaving Tuscaloosa.

“We’re staying,” Terry Saban told The Wall Street Journal’s Sharon Terlep in an interview last week. “We’re not going anywhere.”

She didn't stop there, though. Mrs. Saban also lamented the fact that fans seem to have a lack of appreciation for what her husband has done over the past handful of years. The No. 1 Tide are in position to win their third consecutive national championship at the moment.

You come to a crossroads and the expectations get so great, people get spoiled by success and there gets to be a lack of appreciation,” Terry Saban told the Journal. “We’re kind of there now.”

Trouble in paradise?


  1. I fear what Mrs. Saban says might be true. Being a Bama fan from the Bryant era, I find myself feeling like the Tide is simply where it is "suppose" to be. However, I'm not sure what fans can do to show more appreciation besides stay in the G.D. stands.

    There are plenty of fans who can't foot the bill for a ticket these days. If these spoiled seat warmers don't value their tickets, they need to surrender them ASAP.