Monday, November 18, 2013

NFL safety admits he often played hungover

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NFL free agent Tom Zbikowski has played approximately 64 games in his NFL career and he admitted that he played at least a dozen of them with a "massive hangover." And that doesn't even count the games he played hungover in college while at Notre Dame.

From the Chicago Tribune:

“Get a little messed up, sneak a girl into your room, feel on top of the world," he said. "I had some of my best games off of benders — some of my worst too. My two best seasons ever were 2005 (at Notre Dame) and 2009 (in Baltimore) when I was the most out of control drinking, so I thought, hey, maybe I should go back to that.’’

Zbikowski, who has played for the Ravens, Colts, and Bears, also said he lost interest in football, which is why he is now training to become a firefighter in Chicago.

“No, not really,” he told Haugh when asked if his heart was in the game. “It hasn’t been for awhile. Football got old to me. … I enjoyed my first two years in the NFL because it was a challenge. I was playing with the best. But after awhile you don’t care whether you win or lose because you’re still getting a paycheck. I enjoyed high school and college much more.”

Ah, refreshing honesty. It's so hard to come by these days.

"I’ll have 10 times the stories as a fireman I did as a football player,” he concluded. “And at least I can tell these to women and children.”

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