Sunday, November 17, 2013

Michael Bennett abandons dog and stiffs payment on bill

Michael Bennett is probably not the most liked man among loyal dog owners at the moment.

For starters, the Seattle Seahawks lineman dropped his 4-month-old boxer at a boarding facility earlier this year and never returned to retrieve the canine. Oh, and he also stiffed the place on payment of the bill.

The whole ordeal began when the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers lineman signed a deal with the Seahawks and needed to board his dog Koa at the Lucky Dog Boarding Facility in Tampa while transitioning to Seattle.

However, Bennett never returned for poor Koa, and reportedly racked up a bill of over $5,000, which he still hasn't paid.

According to TMZ, Lucky Dog made repeated attempts to contact Bennett and his wife, but did so in vain. Eventually, the boarding facility gave Koa to a rescue organization in Florida, where the puppy found a new home with a new family.

"I thought [the $5k bill] was already taken care of," Bennett told TMZ. "I will call them after work.”

Bennett didn't say why he abandoned the dog, though.

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