Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jason Snelling jailed after trying to get rid of marijuana by eating it

Jason Snelling has added yet another chapter to the Atlanta Falcons' tumultuous season.

According to the Barrow County News, Snelling was pulled over early Friday morning after police say they noticed his Lincoln Navigator was having trouble staying in its lane, which is when they decided to pull him over for a routine traffic stop.

When police approached the vehicle, they noticed a strong smell of marijuana, and well, here is the rest of that story:

“I asked Mr. Snelling if there was any other marijuana in the vehicle, and he told me that there was a grinder in the center console of the vehicle and that it had a little bit of marijuana left in it,” the arresting officer wrote in his report. “… I searched the vehicle and located a metal grinder where Mr. Snelling had said it was.”

While the vehicle was being searched, another officer speaking with Snelling noticed he was repeatedly swallowing during their conversation.

The officer asked Snelling to open his mouth, and observed several green leafy particles inside.

Snelling denied eating any marijuana.

It should also be noted that Snelling failed to provide his driver's license and proof of insurance during the ordeal, because he didn't have either. Oh, and his registration was expired too.

He was charged with possession of marijuana (less than one ounce), possession of drug related materials, expired or no driver’s license, failure to maintain lane, failure to maintain insurance, improper use of dealer license plate and no registration.
What a mess.

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