Friday, November 15, 2013

Dodgers teammate says Yasiel Puig was bullied in clubhouse during rookie season

Yasiel Puig became a star last season for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

But teammate J.P. Howell alleges that Puig was a victim of clubhouse bullying during his debut campaign.

More on the story from the Los Angeles Times:

Howell said he saw Yasiel Puig bullied in the Dodgers’ clubhouse, though he would not discuss who was involved, or what happened to Puig.

“The guy is such a champion,” Howell said. “He has such a big heart. Sometimes he acts like a jerk, but that is his defense mechanism. It’s not really him.”

"Someday, he is not going to be 22. He's not going to be like that. I love the guy. I hope he never changes, just maybe matures."

Without much detail, it's hard to say whether or not Puig was the target of actual bullying, or just the regular buffoonery that most young players endure from veterans.

Of course, an outsider would probably never assume Puig was being bullied at all, as his on-field antics definitely did not reflect a guy who was down on his luck or confidence.

Nonetheless, Howell said what he said and it leaves the rest of us to pull out a proverbial microscope and over-analyze the meaning. Although, given the touchy situation with the Miami Dolphins, it's not the best time to take bullying lightly.

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