Friday, November 22, 2013

CFL players suffer frostbite after practicing in bitter cold conditions

Players from the Hamilton Tigers-Cats of the Canadian Football League sustained frostbite after enduring extremely cold conditions during their first Grey Cup practice.

The aforementioned practice reportedly took place on Wednesday inside Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan. The temperature during that time was listed at minus-16 degrees Celsius, or three degrees Fahrenheit, but the wind child made it feel closer to minus-18 degrees Fahrenheit.

Umm, brr!

Aside from the frostbite cases, the cold weather was also responsible for four flattened footballs, and a shattered binder of an assistant coach.

The Tiger-Cats are slated to face the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday. Here's to hoping most of the squad still has their fingers and toes intact when that games comes around.

Via Bleacher Report

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