Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adrian Peterson speaks out on locker room culture

(Photo: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports)

Adrian Peterson doesn't seem to know what the big deal is about regarding the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin fiasco in Miami.

The All-Pro running back said he hears racial slurs such as the one allegedly used by Incognito all the time in the Vikings locker room and never takes offense.


“You really got to understand the environment you’re in. You are in the locker room with 60 alpha males. Sixty guys who are in the NFL, they are men. So, when I actually heard about the situation [in Miami] it was funny to me because I really couldn’t believe it was taking place in the NFL locker room.

[...] It’s men. There’s no other [place], not even basketball where there’s so many guys in one space. Things like that happen. People say crazier things than just the N-word.”

Peterson's comments spark several questions, namely what kind of "crazier things" are said in the locker room? While it would be extremely naive to think the culture of an NFL locker room mirrors that of a regular workplace environment, there should be at least some parallels to society. Of course, as Peterson alluded to, where else can you find a workplace bunching this many grown men into one place?

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