Saturday, November 30, 2013

Photo: Homeowner pays tribute to Texas Longhorns with awesome tree stump sculpture

Hook Em Stump

Many homeowners rattle their brains trying to figure out what to do with a useless tree stump.

For one homeowner and Texans Longhorns enthusiast, hiring a chainsaw artist to carve out a unique sculpture was the answer.

Seen here is the product of countless hours of tedious sculpting by an unnamed chainsaw artist. As you can see, it is now a stirring tribute to the Hook 'em Horns hand gesture Longhorns fans love to use.


Via The Big Lead

Photo: Fan trolls Jason Kidd with shirt mocking 'Cupgate'

Fan Takes Shot at Nets Coach Jason Kidd with Shirt Mocking Soda Incident

The Brooklyn Nets traveled to Houston to take on the Rockets Friday night and one fan in particular was ready and waiting.

Seen here is a fan sporting a custom-made shirt that pokes fun of Nets head coach Jason Kidd for his role in "Cupgate."

In case you can't quite make it out, the shirt reads, “4 SALE, COLA & ICE, $50,000 PER CUP, HIT ME UP."

Props to the guy for managing to get the shirt made within two days of the fiasco.

Via Bleacher Report

South Florida's athletic director has tires slashed at Central Florida game

As if things weren't bad enough for South Florida Bulls athletic director Doug Woolard before he returned to his car after Friday night's heart-breaking loss to Central Florida.

Woolard left Bright House Networks Stadium feeling down and defeated after his football squad narrowly missed a chance to score an upset over their rivals. This is when he entered the parking lot only to discover the tires on his car had been slashed during the game, too.

The UCF Police Department confirmed the vanadalism and said it was investigating the incident. Woolard's car had been parked nearby at the Wayne Densch Sports Center on the UCF campus at the time of the incident.

Jason Kidd finally admits to spilling drink on purpose

Jason Kidd has admitted to spilling his drink during a game on purpose Wednesday night in an effort to buy his team a timeout.

After initially denying intent and blaming the incident on sweaty hands, instead, Kidd confessed on Friday after the league handed the Brooklyn Nets head coach a $50,000 fine for the stunt.

Kidd said he was just trying to help put his team in a position to win.

Video: Gerald Henderson's errant pass knocks down lady in stands

It was not a good night to be in the second row watching the Charlotte Bobcats play host to the Milwaukee Bucks.

This is because Charlotte's Gerald Henderson let an errant pass fly that literally nailed the unsuspecting fan and knocked her over.

After the game, Henderson tweeted about the incident.
Via Eye on Basketball

Photo: Johnny Manziel proudly shows off buck he killed during bye week

Johnny Manziel can apparently do it all.

During Texas A&M's bye week, Manziel decided to reacquaint himself to the great outdoors by participating in some deer hunting.

As you can see, Manziel was successful in killing himself a buck, which he proudly showed off in this photo.

A week later, Manziel suffered through one of the worst performances of his career, a 34-10 loss to LSU and faces another challenge this weekend with No. 5 Missouri.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Timberwolves desperate attempt to sell tickets includes offering fans chance to high five Heat players

Timberwolves Heat promotion

On Dec. 7, the Minnesota Timberwolves will welcome the two-time defending champion Miami Heat to town for a little hardcourt action.

In an attempt to make sure every seat is filled, the Timberwolves have chosen to take a rather interesting sales angle, which involves offering fans the chance to high-five LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and the rest of the Heat players as they make their way onto the court.

Well, this has to make Timberwolves players feel awesome about themselves.

Via The Big Lead

Adidas to give away free soccer balls to Brazilian newborn babies

Adidas, the official ball supplier of the 2014 World Cup, is set to give away free soccer balls to all babies born in Brazil on Tuesday, the same day it unveils the precise ball that will be used at next year's tournament.

The move is said to be part of a marketing campaign based on the idea that every Brazilian "is born with a futbol by his or her feet."

The ball itself is called Brazuca in reference to an informal word often used to describe national pride in the South American country.

To receive the free ball, parents of every baby born on Tuesday are required to present the child's birth certificate as proof. The balls are redeemable at specific locations in all 12 host cities.


Video: Sean Suisham pulls Charlie Brown in botched field goal attempt

Sean Suisham did his best Charlie Brown impression during Thursday's Thanksgiving affair against division rival Baltimore.

The spectacle occurred when the Steelers lined up for a 50-yard field goal attempt midway through the second quarter, and as you can see, things certainly did not go according to pln.

Suisham appears to start his approach to the kick much too early, which meant the ball didn't get planted in time for him to kick it, thus resulting in this unfortunate gaffe.

The missed opportunity proved to be severely costly, as the Ravens squeaked by with a 22-20 win, dropping Pittsburgh's record to 5-7 on the year, with a very outside chance at making the playoffs now.

Via Bleacher Report

Video: Texas Tech punter rips off spectacular fake punt for touchdown

Fake punts have all the makings to be either the best or the worst.

And Texas Tech punter Ryan Erxleben can stash the fake punt he executed against Texas Thursday night in the "best" category.

Check it out as Erxleben fools everyone in a Longhorns uniform by rumbling 51-yards for a touchdown in the first quarter of the game.

It would be one of the few highlights of the game for the Red Raiders, though. Texas steamrolled them 41-16 in the annual rivalry showdown.

Via Bleacher Report 

Video: Minor league hockey player flips opponent with huge hit

Big hockey hits aren't anything we haven't seen before.

However, this hit unleashed by Utica Comets winger Darren Archibald against Lake Erie Monsters defenseman Karl Stollery on Tuesday is sure to leave a memorable impression.

Watch as Archibald absolutely crushes the unsuspecting Stollery and causes him to flip head over heels onto the ice.

Via Bleacher Report

Photo: Bucks offering fans extremely cheap tickets in desperation to boost attendance

Milwaukee Bucks Offer Fans Tickets to Remaining 2014 Home Games for $99

The Milwaukee Bucks are having loads of trouble drawing fans to the arena this season.

Entering Friday, the Bucks ranked 29th in the NBA in attendance with a mark of 14,437 fans per game. And at 2-12, Milwaukee also boasted the second-worst record in the league.

So it shouldn't be too surprising that the team has gone to extreme measures in a desperate attempt to boost attendance levels. Namely, by offering fans a limited number of seats to the remaining 26 home games for just $99, which breaks down to a thrifty $3.81 per game.

Hey, at least the Bucks know they suck and are acting accordingly.

Via Bleacher Report

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Video: Watch Glen Davis and Nikola Vucevic carve a Thanksgiving turkey

On the eve of Thanksgiving, the Orlando Magic have an ongoing tradition of having their star players carve a turkey as part of the post-game interview festivities. This year's version involved Glen Davis and Nikola Vucevic.

Take a look at how each player approaches "carving" the bird. While Davis simply rips one of the legs off, Vucevic takes a more subtle approach, showing his veteran teammate the way it is properly done.

Given his technique, it's almost hard to believe Vucevic spent most of his formative years in Switzerland and Belgium, where Davis has enjoyed Thanksgiving here in America from infancy.

Via Pro Basketball Talk

Video: Houston Rockets butcher 'Dreidel Song' for Hannukah

The Houston Rockets attempted to sing their version of the "Dreidel Song" in celebration of Hannukah, and as you can see by this video, it didn't go so well.

You would think the team would have learned to avoid forcing their players to do something their not good at, singing, by simply watching how the New York Mets version of "Sleigh Bells" turned out. Unfortunately, they did not. So, we are left with yet another awkward holiday video produced by a professional sports team.

Perhaps the part of the video that embodies how Rockets players feel about making this comes when Chandler Parsons says, "Isn't this a Jewish thing?"

For some reason, the editor decided to leave that part in. The rest is history.

Via SportsGrid 

Ex-NBA official: David Stern wants to legalize betting so league can profit

Disgraced ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who was sentenced to 15 months in prison back in 2008 for betting on games he officiated, claims that NBA commissioner David Stern is secretly launching a campaign to legalize betting in pro basketball in an attempt to profit.

Stern appeared on WFAN New York this week, and said he believes betting on all pro sports will be legal in all 50 states in the not-so-distant future. However, he added that new laws needed to be implemented first to regulate the gambling.

According to TMZ Sports, Donaghy said Stern is "finally picking his head out of the sand because he smells dollars." According to Donaghy, the commissioner is seeking to legalize gambling so the league can earn a percentage of the action.

Todd Jones does not endorse Todd Jones for the Hall of Fame

The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot was released this week and it included a whopping amount of eligible candidates.

One of those candidates included former reliever Todd Jones, who had a very lengthy and respectable career in his own right, but probably won't receive near enough votes to stick around the ballot beyond this year.

Heck, even Jones agrees that he doesn't belong in Cooperstown.

Photo: Cavaliers fans launch campaign to lure LeBron James back to Cleveland


It seems folks in Cleveland have nearly forgiven LeBron James for the way he spurned the Cavaliers in favor of the Miami Heat on national television in 2010.

Beginning with Wednesday night's Heat-Cavs game at the Quicken Loans Arena, a contingent of loyal fans launched a "Come Home LeBron" campaign designed to lure their basketball prodigy back to his home state.

As part of the campaign, the group passed out 2,000 neon t-shirts in an attempt to sway public opinion. According to the Akron Beacon Journal, a billboard is also scheduled to be erected on Monday near James' old high school, and will stay in place there for four to eight weeks. There is another billboard slated for I-71.

On March 18, the group hopes to pass out 10,000 shirts for the last regular season meeting in Cleveland between the two teams. The group isn't looking to profit on the endeavor, but did admit they were seeking a sponsor to cover the $50,000 they plan to spend.

Via Eye on Basketball

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photo: Sliced cucumber features Michael Jordan 'Jumpman' logo

Reddit User Finds Air Jordan Jumpan Logo in His Cucumber

Michael Jordan's presence is everywhere. You just have to look around.

Do you need an example? Well, look no further than the evidence Reddit user "mctenold" found when discovering this sliced cucumber featuring the Air Jordan "Jumpman" logo on it.


Via Bleacher Report

Rudy Gay uses strange idiom when referring to banning stat sheets from Raptors locker room

Stat sheets are no longer welcome inside the Raptors locker room after Rudy Gay has reportedly put an unofficial ban on them.

Aside from the whole angle of bringing the team together as one, here is the explanation Gay gave to the Toronto Sun:

“We’re not playing for stats,” Gay said.

“I wanted to just nip it in the butt before it became an issue,” he said. “We come in here after losses, after wins and people are staring at those stat sheets, but that’s not what we’re about. We’re a team and the stat that matters is the W.”

Photo: Tony Romo touted as 'America's whipping boy' by Sports Illustrated

View image on Twitter

Here is a look at this week's front cover of Sports Illustrated.

As you can see, Tony Romo, quarterback of "America's team," is featured beside a headline that touts him as "America's whipping boy."

The Cowboys signal caller has been the subject of widespread criticism throughout his career. Some of the criticisms include not being clutch, lacking decision making skills, and just generally being overrated. So, it's not surprising a major sports outlet would give such a title to Romo, but it is somewhat surprising to see it spelled out front and center on the cover.

Via Bleacher Report

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder rips city of Sacramento for blocking Kings move to Seattle

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is still fuming at the city of Sacramento for the NBA's decision to block a potential move of the Kings franchise to Seattle.

Ironically, Vedder expressed his displeasure at a recent concert in the same city where his beloved SuperSonices transplanted in 2008.

A fan’s video shows Vedder saying that “the people that really (expletive) us over is Sacramento,” before adding, “When you think about it, and if you’ve ever been to Sacramento, they’re already kind of (expletive).”

For context purposes, Vedder's comments stem from a previous tirade he unleashed in Charlotte, N.C., where he made "similarly complimentary statements" about Oklahoma City.

Report: Diamondbacks to avoid signing players with link to PEDs

Don't count on the Arizona Diamondbacks signing players connected to using performance-enhancing drugs anytime soon. According to a report by beat writer Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic, the team won't be pursuing free agent Nelson Cruz because of the policy, or any PED user for that matter.

As far as the Diamondbacks are concerned, their hardline stance appears to be spearheaded by Ken Kendrick, the club's managing general partner and a longtime critic of PED users. When Jason Grimsley's house was raided in 2006, Kendrick made sure the Diamondbacks immediately cut ties with the reliever -- and even tried to have his contract voided. Team sources say Kendrick continues to discourage the acquisition of players, or even the hiring of coaches, who have ties to PEDs.

This report comes just days after the St. Louis Cardinals made shockwaves throughout the baseball community by "rewarding' free agent shortstop Jhonny Peralta with a handsome contract. The move caused considerable backlash from critics claiming that the signing unfairly rewarded a player for using PEDs.

Central Michigan football player charged and arrested for credit card theft after pumping gas in uniform

Central Michigan quarterback Darrien Boone was charged with stealing a credit card and using it to purchase gasoline after he was identified on surveillance wearing his Chippewas football attire at the gas pump.

Boone, a Chicago native who redshirted this season, was arraigned in court on Monday on one count of stealing/retaining without consent a financial transaction device, a four-year felony. The 19-year-old is accused of using the card for two separate transactions.

The first stems from Nov. 1 at a Shell gasoline station, which he tallied a $71.15 charge, and the other at Rally's, where the charges totalled $17.99.

Once police were notified by the card's owner that the card might be stolen, they were able to secure video surveillance from the Shell station, which then led them to identify Boone.

Deadspin buys 2014 Hall of Fame vote, turns to readers for input

On Tuesday, the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot was revealed by the BBWAA. Shortly after the ballot was made public, announced their plan to "make a mockery and farce" of the voting process, by allegedly buying a vote from an unnamed BBWAA member. Their plan is to crowdsource the vote via readers and the unnamed BBWAA member will then cast the official ballot on the people's behalf.

Well, with the Baseball Writers' Association of America having released its official ballot today, we can happily announce that we have a vote. A member of the Baseball Writers' Association of America thought our plan sounded like a pretty damn good idea and sold us his/her vote, making a stand against the idea that a somewhat random subsection of the baseball press should maintain the power to confer what is, regrettably, the game's most prestigious honor. For obvious reasons, the voter will remain anonymous for now, but he/she will be filling out his/her ballot on behalf of Deadspin readers, who will be polled in binding elections. The voter will announce his/her name and motivations once his/her vote has been officially cast.

Photo: Stephen Tulloch dresses up turkey with sunglasses, cigarette, dog tag

Stephen Tulloch has a fashionable turkey. (Instagram)

It's been said many times before that you shouldn't play with your food.

Apparently, linebacker Stephen Tulloch of the Detroit Lions didn't get that message, as he he went to great lengths to dress up a turkey for Thanksgiving this week.

Seen here is a picture of how the bird's makeover turned out. Tulloch's turkey sports oversized sunglasses, an unsmoked cigarette, and a dog tag, while soaking in a tub of marinade or brine.

Now, that's one cool turkey.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rashad Evans: Twitter will hurt your damn feelings

Twitter is a marvelous tool when used appropriately. 

With that being said, the social media site also opens the door to a barrage of hurtful criticism, which former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans knows all too well.

Here's what he had to say about it:

“If I read a couple and get mad, and I feel like saying something back? That’s when I know I need to cool out for a second and turn it off,” Evans told MMAjunkie. “Because Twitter, it’s great, but Twitter will hurt your damn feelings, man.”

Photo: Ohio State football fan hacks Michigan's Instagram account

As the annual rivalry game between Ohio State and Michigan looms just around the corner, a Buckeyes fan was able to hack into the Wolverines football Instagram account and temporarily make some changes.

The screenshot seen above was captured by an Instagram user which shows how the unknown fan changed the account's avatar to an image of Brutus, Ohio State's mascot, smashing a wolverine depicted as a pinata. The image also included a pro-Ohio State caption.

It took just six minutes for Michigan's account administrators to take back control and delete the post. But the image lives on in internet infamy thanks to this screenshot.

Via Bleacher Report

David Price stirs up controversy with tweet involving women and driving

Although the intent of the message was most assuredly sincere, David Price pressed the send button on a tweet he probably wishes he could take back.

As you can see, the Tampa Bay Rays ace is concerned about the traveling conditions this holiday week because of inclement weather, and decided to make a public service announcement to help some folks out. Except he pretty much all but implied the belief that women are bad drivers.

Uh oh!

Matt Leinart: Vince Young is the greatest college quarterback ever

There have been many great quarterbacks to come through college football over the years. Nebraska's Tommie Frazier, Florida's Danny Wuerffel, Boston College's Doug Flutie, and Stanford's John Elway are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to great collegiate signal callers.

However, when it comes to which one is the greatest, former USC Trojans quarterback Matt Leinart, who had a pretty successful college career in his own right, says we should look no further than Texas' Vince Young.

“My USC faithful is going to be mad at me, but I gotta say Vince Young,” Leinart said on a Fox Sports talk show. “And the only reason why, you look at his stats and his stats are staggering. He’s over 6,000 passing yards, over 3,000 rushing yards so he could do both things.

Video: Bo Jackson surprises starstruck Paralympian in heartfelt scene

Paralympian sprinter Blake Leeper won silver and bronze at the 2012 Paralympic Games and is aiming to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team in 2016. What makes Leeper unique from others is the fact that he has worn prosthetic legs since he was nine months old after being born with no legs below his knees.

On Monday, Leeper stopped by the Arsenio show to talk about his career ambitions and inspirations, which included childhood hero Bo Jackson, as Leeper recalled a brief meeting the two had almost 20 years earlier where Leeper drew inspiration from Jackson. You may recall that Jackson continued his baseball playing career after receiving a prosthetic hip due to a career-ending football injury he sustained while playing for the Raiders.

Watch the scene unfold around the 3:30 mark as the starstruck Leeper reacts to seeing Jackson surprise him with a set of running blades towards the end of the video segment.

Fantastic. This is what it's all about right here.

Via For the Win

Katherine Webb: 'I'm really nervous' about Iron Bowl

Katherine Webb admits she is a bit nervous about attending this Saturday's Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Webb, a 2011 graduate of Auburn as well as the famed girlfriend of Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron, will be cheering for her alma mater's biggest rival in arguably the most pivotal game to date for either school.

“This is the first actual game, Iron Bowl, that I will be attending,” she told USA TODAY Sports last week. “I don’t know what to expect and I’m really nervous.”

Wait, first Iron Bowl? Webb explained.

Nick Saban's wife says he isn't leaving Alabama, takes subtle jab at fans for 'lack of appreciation'

Terry Saban, the wife of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, says the prized coach isn't going anywhere. These comments stem from rumors that suggested Saban may have an interest in coaching the Texas Longhorns. Nonetheless, Mrs. Saban says they aren't leaving Tuscaloosa.

“We’re staying,” Terry Saban told The Wall Street Journal’s Sharon Terlep in an interview last week. “We’re not going anywhere.”

She didn't stop there, though. Mrs. Saban also lamented the fact that fans seem to have a lack of appreciation for what her husband has done over the past handful of years. The No. 1 Tide are in position to win their third consecutive national championship at the moment.

You come to a crossroads and the expectations get so great, people get spoiled by success and there gets to be a lack of appreciation,” Terry Saban told the Journal. “We’re kind of there now.”

Trouble in paradise?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Photo: Reddit user creates infographic showing NFL's parity

Parity in the NFL is alive and well.

Seen here is an infographic created by Reddit user Lvl9LightSpell, which shows how every team beat the team to its right (clockwise), essentially completing what Bleacher Report referred to as "the circle of parity."

Beautiful, isn't it?

Video: Charlotte upsets Michigan with layup at buzzer

The Charlotte 49ers pulled off a riveting upset over No. 14 Michigan on Sunday thanks to a game-winning layup at the buzzer by Terrence Williams.

Michigan's Mitch McGary tied the game at 61 with less than 10 seconds to go before Charlotte opted not to call a timeout and caught the Wolverines by surprise.

Michigan wasn't the only team to be upset on Sunday, though. No. 2 Louisville, the reigning national champions, was knocked off by No. 24 North Carolina, suffering its first loss since last February (Notre Dame).

Via Eye on College Basketball

Mark Cuban says NBA should consider allowing HGH use


The outspoken Mark Cuban has sounded off yet again on a topic that can only be deemed controversial at best in the eyes of society.

Cuban believes the use of human growth hormone could expedite the rehabilitation process for players recovering from injury. However, more research is needed to make sure that is indeed true.

"The issue isn't whether I think it should be used," Cuban told USA TODAY Sports via e-mail. "The issue is that it has not been approved for such use. And one of the reasons it hasn't been approved is that there have not been studies done to prove the benefits of prescribing HGH for athletic rehabilitation or any injury rehabilitation that I'm aware of. The product has such a huge (public) stigma that no one wants to be associated with it."

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cordarrelle Patterson unimpressed with Lambeau Field

Sunday marked the first ever trip to Lambeau Field for Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. And let's just say he didn't come away very impressed.

"It's really not that loud here,'' Patterson said, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press' Chris Tomasson. "I guess the crowd wasn't into it like they should be. But once that overtime started, the crowd picked up a little bit.''

Patterson also added that he thinks the Metrodome is much louder than Lambeau.

"When we're back in the Metrodome, it's always rocking,'' he said. "We're louder, of course. Most definitely. We got the No. 1 fan base in the country.''

Report: Multiple Packers players expected second overtime

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings played to a 26-26 tie on Sunday, marking the first such result in the NFL since last November, when the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers did it.

But did some Packers players expect the game to go to a second overtime? Judging from these tweets by Sports Illustrated's Robert Klemko, that answer is yes.

Those anonymous Packers players shouldn't feel too bad, though. They aren't the first NFL players to confess that they had no idea games could end in a tie. In 2008, after the Eagles and Bengals played to a 13-13 tie, Donovan McNabb admitted that he had no clue games could end in a draw.

Via Eye on Football

Report: Jon Bon Jovi extremely interested in buying Buffalo Bills

Rock icon Jon Bon Jovi is doing everything that he can to put himself in a position to purchase the Buffalo Bills when the team comes up for sale.

Bon Jovi has been working feverishly to compete with potential competitors, namely the Rogers Communications group in Toronto, to become to prime suitor for the NFL franchise. He has spent considerable time in the Buffalo area getting to know politicians and power brokers while even adding a tour date there to allow for more time to address the matter at hand.

Bon Jovi has been very proactive in meeting NFL owners and general managers, and is seeking their input on all sort of issues related to football. In the past he has nearly become a minority owner of a team, most notably the Falcons. However, sources said Bon Jovi is aiming to be the principal owner -- it remains to be seen if he has the type of immense capital necessary to meet that threshold of ownership -- and has aligned himself with several powerbrokers in his effort to turn his dream into reality. (Bon Jovi has a close friendship with Patriots coach Bill Belichick and it is not uncommon for him to jump on a private plane and head to various meetings with NFL bigwigs across the country, sources said, in his pursuit).

Video: Watch LeBron James airball a layup

A rare spectacle occurred Saturday night when LeBron James airballed a layup.

The moment came midway in the first quarter of the Heat-Magic game when James took a fast break all the way down the court and proceeded to finger-roll the ball into thin air.

Of course, James did redeem himself later by sinking the game-winning shot with time running down in the fourth quarter. So, all is well that ends well.

Via Deadspin

Video: Ohio State marching band pays tribute to Gettysburg Address


The Ohio State Buckeyes marching band was at it again on Saturday.

Seen here is the "Best Damn Band in the Land" paying tribute to Abraham Lincoln's Gettsyburg Address during halftime of its win over Indiana. This week marks the 150th anniversary of the famous speech.

As you can see from the video below, the band marvels the crowd with formations ranging from marching soldiers, to the Lincoln Memorial, to cannons being fired, among others. And while most fans at college football games leave their seats during halftime, Ohio State's band is so good that it demands folks to stay and watch. Judging by the performance, it was worth sticking around and avoiding the long lines at the concessions and restroom, anyway.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Alabama fires assistant who gave loan to player

The Alabama Crimson Tide has fired assistant strength and conditioning coach Corey Harris after he provided impermissible benefits to safety HaHa Clinton-Dix. This is according to a source cited by The Tuscaloosa News.

Harris was suspended indefinitely in October after the school found that he provided Clinton-Dix with a loan when the junior's car was vandalized during the summer.

In an internal investigation, Alabama found that Harris had a relationship with a representative of a sports agent, but did not uncover a link between Clinton-Dix and the aforementioned agent.

Clinton-Dix endured a two-game suspension against Kentucky and Georgia State before returning to the starting lineup.


Chip Kelly doesn't miss hectic recruiting schedule the least bit

Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles have a bye this weekend, and if Kelly was still in the college ranks at Oregon, that would mean a much more hectic schedule, in his opinion.

Kelly explained his rationale to Sheil Kapadia of

My schedule, the day the season was over, was a lot worse than my schedule here because you’re planes, trains and automobiles recruiting from Sunday night until Friday afternoon and hustling back and practicing, getting a practice in Friday afternoon, practice Saturday, practice Sunday, get back on a plane and fly around the country chasing down recruits,” he said, via Sheil Kapadia of “Maybe a misconception is when you’re a college coach and the last game is done and then the bowl game comes, you don’t have a month off. I would argue my schedule was more hectic from a recruiting standpoint than it was here.

Video: Marcin Gortat angrily rips towel in half, receives priceless reaction from teammate

Marcin Gortat of the Washington Wizards was not too thrilled about picking up his fourth foul in the third quarter of Friday's game against the Raptors.

So, Gortat decided to express his anger by ripping a sweat towel completely in half, drawing a priceless reaction from teammate Trevor Ariza (bottom left).

In fairness, a lot of us would probably have the same reaction as Ariza had, because how often do you see someone destroy a harmless towel like that?

Via For the Win

Papa John's employees quit after being forced to work after being robbed at Peyton Manning-owned location

Employees who work at the Denver Papa John's franchise owned by Peyton Manning that was robbed at gunpoint are not happy about the way the situation unfolded after the ordeal took place.

According to TMZ Sports, multiple employees have expressed discontent after allegedly being forced by management to work immediately following the robbery.

From TMZ:

We spoke to several employees who were on-duty during the Nov. 17 robbery ... and they tell us two workers have already quit, one has taken a month leave, and several others have been calling in sick. More still have filed complaints with Papa John's HQ.

Video: Kid and usher battle in epic dance-off at Pistons game

Fans who attended Tuesday's game between the Detroit Pistons and the New York Knicks were treated to a dandy of a spectacle at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

No, I'm not making reference to the game (Pistons won 92-86), but rather to the epic dance-off battle that pitted a young boy up against an usher.

The fun begins at the 0:25 mark, guys. Enjoy.

Via For the Win

Friday, November 22, 2013

Photo: Mississippi State fan gets tattoo that reads 'Go to Hell Ole Miss'


With the annual Egg Bowl looming less than a week away, one Mississippi State fan has gone to extreme measures to cast his support for the Bulldogs against arch-rival Ole Miss.

Pictured here is Bear Gibbo, a proud resident of Starkville, and the owner of a tattoo that reads "Go to Hell Ole Miss" emblazoned across his belly.

How does an individual decide to do such things? Take it away, Bear:

“Those were some of the first words that came out of my mouth,” said Bear. “I have always said Go to Hell Ole Miss."

CFL players suffer frostbite after practicing in bitter cold conditions

Players from the Hamilton Tigers-Cats of the Canadian Football League sustained frostbite after enduring extremely cold conditions during their first Grey Cup practice.

The aforementioned practice reportedly took place on Wednesday inside Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan. The temperature during that time was listed at minus-16 degrees Celsius, or three degrees Fahrenheit, but the wind child made it feel closer to minus-18 degrees Fahrenheit.

Umm, brr!

Photo: Kirk Hinrich thoroughly enjoys scrapping for loose balls with Nate Robinson

Photogenic Kirk Hinrich Battles for Loose Ball with Nate Robinson

Kirk Hinrich appears to really enjoy battling for loose balls with Nate Robinson.

The proof is in this image, taken from Thursday's game in Denver, where the Bulls guard strikes an extremely photogenic pose for the camera while wrestling with Robinson for the ball.

No other textual description is needed.

Panthers safety Mike Mitchell to Drew Brees: 'Stop being soft'

Carolina Panthers safety Mike Mitchell thinks Drew Brees needs to "stop being soft."

Appearing on the "FnA" podcast from Fox Sports L.A., Mitchell directed his comments made on Thursday in reference to the recent hit 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks delivered to Brees that drew a fine.

Here is what he had to say on the matter and about Brees.

“The thing that I hated about the play — the whole thing — and this is what these offensive guys are doing: They’re kind of running with it. Drew Brees is throwing a fit in the post-game interview saying how he got hit in the chin and he was dazed, and all this other stuff.  And it’s like, dude, the replay clearly shows he did not even touch you in the chin.

Nick Saban: Florida State 'arguably best team in country right now'


Although Alabama has been perched on top of the college football world for quite some time, head coach Nick Saban suggested on Wednesday that there may be another team who is more deserving of the No. 1 ranking than his Crimson Tide are, namely undefeated Florida State, coached by former assistant Jimbo Fisher.

"I think Jimbo has done a fantastic job," Saban said during his press conference. "You know, I always thought Jimbo was one of the best coaches we ever had. ... He did a fantastic job for us and I think he's done a fantastic job (at FSU).

"I think, probably, if you look at the whole body of work and the way they beat people they're arguably the best team in the country right now," Saban said. "And they weren't that when he went there. So they've made a significant amount of improvement.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Photo: Samuel L. Jackson shows support for Falcons with insane glasses

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Samuel L. Jackson is in attendance for Thursday's Falcons game as the home squad welcomes the New Orleans Saints to the Georgia Dome.

Apparently, the famed actor is also sporting some pretty insane-looking pair of spectacles.

Marvelous. Simply marvelous.

Wade Phillips responds to criticism from Ed Reed

On Wednesday, Ed Reed blasted his former defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, along with the Texans, as Reed was clearly bitter at the way things panned out in Houston.

Now, Reed finds himself playing for the New York Jets, but that didn't stop him from bashing Phillips and his ex-club earlier this week, where among other things, he criticized the Texans coaching staff as well as the defensive scheme they employ.

Phillips responded to Reed on Thursday, though. And he took the high road.

Adrian Peterson speaks out on locker room culture

(Photo: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports)

Adrian Peterson doesn't seem to know what the big deal is about regarding the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin fiasco in Miami.

The All-Pro running back said he hears racial slurs such as the one allegedly used by Incognito all the time in the Vikings locker room and never takes offense.


“You really got to understand the environment you’re in. You are in the locker room with 60 alpha males. Sixty guys who are in the NFL, they are men. So, when I actually heard about the situation [in Miami] it was funny to me because I really couldn’t believe it was taking place in the NFL locker room.

David Murphy's daughter breaks news of signing at daycare

In a world full of overly aggressive beat writers, columnists, and Twitter, the news of David Murphy's two-year, $12 million signing with the Cleveland Indians can be attributed to his daughter.

Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas has the amusing story:

You can thank Jamie Kelly (@JamieSportsTalk) for getting the scoop, thanks to Murphy’s daughter and her daycare.

One of Kelly’s followers on Twitter sent her a direct message that Murphy was signing with the Indians. Kelly then did some digging and discovered why one of her followers knew the information.

“He said that Murphy’s daughter at daycare was telling all the teachers that her daddy was going to be an Indian,” Kelly said. “They asked Murphy when he picked her up and he confirmed it.”

Kelly, 35, is editorial chief at Paranoid Fan, a social app for sports fans and also writes for and blogs on the Rangers at Shutdown Inning.

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Jose Canseco pulled over by cops for carrying goats in vehicle

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Seriously, the headline pretty much says it all.

Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco was pulled over by a police officer on Wednesday after the cop noticed Canseco toting a pair of goats in the back of his vehicle.

Apparently, Canseco and his girlfriend picked up the goats earlier in the day, and were simply transporting them back to their residence.

Upon further review, it appears as though the photo Canseco shared on Twitter shoes that the white goat may be wearing a diaper, which is only the second strangest thing about this bizarre story.

Rock on, Jose. Rock on.

Via Bleacher Report

Video: Ian Kinsler and Prince Fielder discussed trade in 2010 commercial

In case you missed it, a blockbuster trade involving Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler was executed on Wednesday, as the Rangers and Tigers essentially swapped their star players.

Amazingly, the two players involved were once together in a 2010 commercial for ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, where they discussed the possibility of putting themselves in a trade.

As you can see, things didn't quite go exactly as the Kinsler and Fielder planned, but the fact that they ever did this commercial given the recent news is very eerie.

Via Bleacher Report

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Video: Five of the best beer commercials made in recent memory for sports

Beer and sports are practically synonymous with one another.

You cannot attend a major sporting event and not find plenty of brew available to thirsty spectators. Likewise, you cannot walk into a bar to wet your whistle and not find games being played on the big screens.

With that said, beer companies are very much aware of this fact, which is precisely why they spend loads of money to bring us memorable television commercials in hopes of spurring consumers to buy their product.

Of course, viewers could care less whether or not their ads increase sales, just so long as we are getting a hilarious or otherwise interesting video clip to feast our eyes on. Some of the best of these aforementioned commercials have been played during the Super Bowl while others have seemingly come out of nowhere to win the hearts of beer lovers and people everywhere.

Here is a look at five of the best beer ads made in recent memory for sports:

Report: James Harden being sued for punching Lakers fan in the face

James Harden may be facing a legal battle soon after a TMZ report claims that he allegedly punched a Lakers fan in the face.

The incident occurred outside of a night club in Los Angeles earlier this month.

More on the story from TMZ:

According to the lawsuit, Harden was on his way out of Greystone Manor nightclub in West Hollywood November 3rd -- riding in the back seat of some SUV -- when he rolled the window down to greet fans.

That's when a man named Barak Golan says he shouted at Harden, "Kobe owns your ass!" and Harden allegedly socked him in the face.

Kevin Harvick fires back at Donovan McNabb in fantastic tweet

Kevin Harvick has fired back at Donovan McNabb in what can only be referred to as one of the best Twitter burns of the week.

Last week, McNabb drew the ire of NASCAR fans and drivers alike when he shared his belief that NASCAR drivers aren't true athletes. As you might imagine, he drew extreme backlash over the comment, and it probably won't be something the NASCAR community forgets any time soon.

Well, just ask Harvick.
*mic drop*

I'm sure this won't be the last time we hear about this.


Ed Reed hammers Wade Phillips and Texans


Ed Reed is still fuming over the way he was cut by the Houston Texans. And on Wednesday, during a conference call, Reed let the Texans and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips hear about it.

"That defense is not a good fit for a lot of people who are still down there. It wasn't just about me,'' Reed said. "And my comments were not just about me. Obviously, that's why I'm not there anymore because people felt some kind of way about what I said.

"The truth is the truth. And that's the reason why what happened last week happened. They know I know.''

So what did Reed say that triggered Houston to release him just two days later? Well, Reed basically criticized the coaching staff by saying they got "outcoached" by the Arizona Cardinals.

Bills fan who nearly fell to his death at stadium gets fired from job

This photo shows 29-year-old Robert Hopkins, who fell from the 300 section of Ralph Wilson Stadium onto another fan. This image is courtesy of Twitter user Jack M.

It's been a rough week for Buffalo Bills fan Robert Hopkins.

On Sunday, the 29-year-old nearly fell to his death after tumbling over a handrail in the upper deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium, but he luckily managed to survive the fall with nothing more than a shoulder injury.

On Monday, Hopkins was banned for life from the stadium because of the incident. And on Tuesday, he was fired from his job as a digital art director at Eric Mower + Associates.

Here is the short statement released by the firm:

“Eric Mower + Associates is very concerned about Sunday’s incident and we were relieved that the injured were released from the hospital. Rob Hopkins is no longer employed by EMA.”

Again, is anybody else in Buffalo having a worst week than this guy?


Photo: New Era to sell 42 limited-edition hats in honor of Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera has thrown his last pitch in a Yankees uniform after a career that has cemented his legacy as the game's greatest closer.

Now, in honor of Rivera, and in all honesty an effort to cash in on his greatness, New Era has produced 42 limited-edition commemorative hats to sell off exorbitant prices.

Fittingly, the first hat in the collection was given to Rivera for free, while another lucky person was bestowed a free cap on Twitter. That leaves 40 more that will be sold off on Thursday.

Better bust out your piggy bank, guys.

Via Eye on Baseball