Thursday, October 24, 2013

West Virginia student arrested for flipping car after victory against Oklahoma State

Sometimes, burning a couch just doesn't cut it.

In September, the West Virginia Mountaineers scored a huge upset victory over Oklahoma State, 30-21, and as you might imagine, things got a little rowdy in Morgantown during the celebration.

For example, one WVU student decided to flip a car to display his joy for the gridiron triumph, but it didn't come without consequence, as he was arrested for the dirty deed on Wednesday.

Kevin James Wheeler, a WVU student from White Hall, Md., was arrested Wednesday evening. Police have also obtained a warrant for William Schwab, 18, a University of South Carolina student from Sparks Glencoe, Md. Both are charged with felony destruction of property.

The vehicle damage estimate exceeded $6,000.

University Police investigators spent more than 100 hours working this case, following up on more than 40 tips that eventually led to the warrants being obtained, Chief Bob Roberts said. Roberts noted that without student, alumni and public input, the department would not have been able to solve this case.

Perhaps couch-burning isn't so bad after all.

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  1. Some bitter, former rivals of WVU often criticize its fan base for inappropriate behavior before, during and after games. They unfairly suggest that the bad behavior is somehow inherent with people who are born in WV. I understand that about half of the WVU student body are from out-of-state. It's interesting to note that the two students who were charged with these crimes are not from WV, but a neighboring state.