Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Video: Pirates fan celebrates huge win by jumping off bridge

The Pittsburgh Pirates have given their fans plenty of reasons to jump off a proverbial bridge in the past two decades or so. But Tuesday night was definitely not cause to do so after the Bucs defeated the Cincinnati Reds in the Wild Card game to advance to the NLDS.

However, this brave idiotic soul decided to take a plunge off a bridge anyway. 

Seen here is a Pirates fan taking flight from the Clemente Bridge into the Allegheny River to celebrate Pittsburgh's first playoff win in 21 years.

Fortunately, according to the video description, the man survived the jump and swam safely to shore. But it doesn't take away the fact of how stupid the act was, regardless of whether he survived without injury or not.

Nonetheless, Pirates fans are alive and well right about now.

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