Saturday, October 12, 2013

Travis Benjamin credits chasing rabbits for blazing speed


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Travis Benjamin didn't earn his nickname for nothing.

Benjamin, aka "The Rabbit," credits his blazing speed and superior agility to chasing rabbits while growing up as a kid in Florida. Benjamin claims he tracked them down as they escaped burning cane field.

“When you burn the cane, the rabbits are going to scatter out,” Benjamin tells the team’s official website.  “When you see the rabbits scatter out, you go chase them.  I saw a guy catch at least 60 or 70 in a day, and he was out there by himself.  It was some local guy, and for fun, he’d just go out there and catch them all.

“When I was growing up, it used to be a thing.  We have a tradition that we’d go out there and catch rabbits.  I caught 20 in one day before.  There’s nothing to it once you know the tendencies, what the rabbit’s going to do, when they’re going to come out.  It’s a great feeling.  It’s just about going out there and having fun with it.”

Fun is exactly what Benjamin has been having lately as he set a franchise single-game record with 179 return yards last game. Additionally, the Browns are currently riding a three-game winning streak.

I believe Benjamin's coach Rob Chudzinski said it best when he said, "When you grow up chasing rabbits, you’re going to be pretty fast, and he is.”


Via Pro Football Talk

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