Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tony Romo calls out Broncos secondary

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said the Broncos secondary does a lot of holding.  (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo did well to create some classic bulletin board material for the Denver Broncos ahead of their clash in Texas on Sunday.

Romo, who has thrown eight touchdowns and only one interception this season, called out the Broncos secondary for what he believed to be extremely physical play using "little tricks."

“They grab, they hold, they’ve almost put a lot of pressure on the refs – whether or not they’re going to call the game close or not,”Romo said, via USA Today. “If they get called once or twice, that’s a good thing. But they’re all over guys as far as using the little tricks, I guess you could say, that good linebackers and good secondaries use when they’re playing man coverage.”

For the record, the Broncos secondary has been called for defensive pass interference five times, defensive holding four times, and for illegal contact once so far in 2013. So, Romo may be on to something here. Nonetheless, don't expect this comments to be received well by the Broncos.


  1. Sunday is a few days away. The Cowboys, hopefully, will bring their A-Game as the Broncos are in need of a real challenge......GO BRONCOS!!

  2. Quit putting the Broncos in the superbowl and winning it already!! If Manning gets hurt their season is doomed!!!

  3. dallas 2-2 time to shut up and play better football. with the broncos at 4-0 you should just shut up until you can win a few games in a row. why would dallas players poke a bear with a stick when they are lucky to be at 2-2. did you not learn anything from the eagles doing it the week before. I am a big cowboys fan and it made me sick to watch the second half last week. first play a good full game then maybe you can talk some chit until then just shut up!!!!!