Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Toni Kukoc used to eat massive meals before games

Every player in the NBA has their own pregame ritual. But the pregame ritual that former Chicago Bulls great Toni Kukoc employed will blow your mind, and possibly your stomach.

From NBA TV's Steve Kerr:

But I'll tell you a quick story about Toni Kukoc, when he came over to the NBA. First game of the season, I asked him if he wanted to go grab a bite to eat. It's about three o'clock in the afternoon, four hours before the game. He orders this feast—salad, appetizer, huge plate of pasta, chicken, glass of red wine, a dessert like tiramisu and then he follows it up with an espresso. And I'm just in awe.

I'm stating the obvious here, but that's a lot of food. 

Kerr seems to agree.

"I'm like, 'Toni, this is your pregame meal,'" Kerr recalled. "He [Kukoc] goes, 'In Europe, we eat a lot, we drink a little wine, we have espresso, we go back to hotel, take big [expletive] and then we go [play].'"

So, there you have it. Kukoc has an insane metabolism.

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