Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Photo: Justin Upton, B.J. Upton receive life-size bobbleheads from gum company

(PHOTO: Rick Diamond)

As the Atlanta Braves prepare for the National League Division Series matchup against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Justin Upton and B.J. Upton received some new toys.

But these aren't just any ordinary toys, though. These are life-size bobbleheads made in the likeness of the brothers for their ability to chew gum like nobody else. The giant figurines were given to them by 5 Gum and they appear to be a hit.

The statues were delivered to B.J. Upton’s Atlanta apartment. You might think that a six-foot-tall bobblehead of yourself might make for a cumbersome decoration, but fear not: These things are fully functional. They hold gum, which gives them something in common with the underside of most middle-school desk chairs and the package the gum comes in.

“How cool is it to have a life-size bobblehead of yourself that serves as a gum holder too?” Justin Upton said. “Accepting this gift from 5 gum was a no-brainer. We both love chewing gum –- on and off the field.”

“I was so excited when 5 gum approached Justin and me to create these life-size bobbleheads,” added B.J. “We both chew gum a lot, especially during baseball games.”

So, there you have it. The Upton brothers: professional baseball players and professional gum chewers.

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