Friday, October 11, 2013

Michael Beasley requires medical treatment after hitting himself

Nobody inflicted more harm on Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley on Thursday than Michael Beasley.

Playing in his first game back with the team who originally drafted him after signing as a free agent this summer, Beasley reportedly required medical treatment after punching himself in the head out of frustration. Yes, you read that right.

Beasley also did something a little odd after one offensive play. Upset with himself over missing a shot, Beasley started punching himself in the head while running back on defense. He punched himself so hard that he needed treatment after the game from the Heat's trainer. Steel compresses (like the ones cut doctors use in boxing) were applied to Beasley's brow in the locker room.

He said he was disappointed about getting a quick foul upon entering, missing a defensive rotation and failing to come up with a blocked shot on Pistons guard Will Bynum, slapping himself in the head so hard at one point that he required postgame treatment from trainer Jay Sabol.

Wait, what?

For what it's worth, Beasley scored nine points and grabbed two rebounds in the preseason game in Detroit.

Beasley is trying to resurrect his career in South Beach after relatively unsuccesful stints in both Minnesota and Phoenix. I'm just not sure banging yourself in the head is the right way to go about that.

Via Eye on Basketball

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