Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jim Boeheim says paying players 'most idiotic suggestion of all time'

Opinions seem to be split regarding whether college athletes should be paid while they are in school.

On Wednesday, legendary Syracuse Orange basketball coach Jim Boeheim chimed in with this thoughts on the matter. (Spoiler alert: He doesn't support the idea).

“That’s really the most idiotic suggestion of all time. Jay Bilas has pushed it a little bit. And I respect Jay a lot. I think you have to understand something. It’s really very clear. This is really clear,” Boeheim said, via Syracuse The Post-Standard.

“I laughed all the time at Chris Webber, who said he didn’t get any money at Michigan because they sold his uniform and the school got all this money and he didn’t get a penny. He didn’t then say that because of the platform he had at Michigan where he made All-American and they went to the Final Four and that he ended up signing a pro contract and ended up making over $100 million playing basketball. Which is what the great players do, and those are the uniforms that sell in college.

Boeheim then went on to talk about how his players at Syracuse receive everything they need.

“Our players get a $50,000 education. Some of them use Syracuse to develop their game, get the publicity they need, become a first-round pick and make money from basketball. Some of them like me get the scholarship, get the grades, get their education, get the chance to play basketball and then get to start life without any debt."

Agree or disagree?

Via Sports Illustrated

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