Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jay-Z says being drug dealer helped prepare him to be sports agent

It wasn't too long ago when hip-hop icon Jay-Z officially broke into the world of representing professional athletes as a sports agent. 

In a relatively short amount of time, Jay-Z has already signed on a few high profile athletes, and pledges to continue to do so in the future. And one of the reasons for Jay-Z's success, according to him, is the experience and knowledge he gained about being an agent from engaging in illegal business.

“I know about budgets. I was a drug dealer,” Jay Z (a/k/a Shawn Carter) tells Vanity Fair. “To be in a drug deal, you need to know what you can spend, what you need to re-up. Or if you want to start some sort of barbershop or car wash — those were the businesses back then. Things you can get in easily to get out of [that] life.”

It's hard to believe being a drug dealer is comparable to that of a sports agent. After all, there are a plethora of differences among the two career fields. Namely, the legality of their very being.

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