Friday, October 18, 2013

Jared Allen tells Vikings teammates to 'embrace the suck'

The Minnesota Vikings are 1-4 and their season is slowly slipping away. However, veteran defensive end Jared Allen remains upbeat and positive about his team turning things around, even despite a rough quarterback situation that has led them to sign castoff quarterback Josh Freeman.

Here is how Allen believes the Vikings can right the ship:

“I try to keep a positive mindset and not let my circumstances determine my joy and my happiness so that’s kind of the approach I take,” Allen told Erik Kuselias on Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  “I’ve kind of been telling guys all week, we got two ways to look at this, we can either go in the tank and say, ‘Hey its going to be an early offseason’ and we can hopefully win a few games here and there and people can start playing for themselves, or we can take this upon the group as a team and we got a chance to do something special."

“You got a chance to come back from a 1-4 start.  It’s not like we don’t have the talent, you know this team won a year ago, so we know how to win, we just got to get it done and I think if guys take that approach and to be honest it doesn’t feel like 1-4, guys this week have been having a good time and if you take that approach and say, ‘We got a chance to do something epic here, let’s embrace the suck, let’s embrace this and move forward’ and it starts with one win and I mean you look at teams throughout the history of the league, I mean the Giants they sneak into the playoffs a few years back and win a Super Bowl.”

You heard him right, "embrace the suck," guys.

The good news for Allen and Minnesota is that they face the winless New York Giants this weekend. So, by default one of these teams is going to walk away with a much-needed win.

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