Saturday, October 12, 2013

High school referees arrested during middle of football game

A bizarre situation unfolded at a high school football game in Covington, La. on Friday night.

Multiple reports state that Covington police officers were forced to arrest two referees during the third quarter of the St Paul's-Mandeville game on public intimidation charges.

The incident began as an argument between the referees and the St. Paul's chain gang. Eventually, the exchange escalated to the point where police had to get involved and escort the referees away from the premises.

More on the story from WWLTV:

"Well, a referee asked a police officer to move some people back.  The police officer moved them back. Another referee came up to the police officer and told him, 'that's not far enough.' The police officer explained....would you please handle the game, referee the game, and we will handle the crowd for you. The second referee told the police officer, nose-to-nose with the police officer, 'you're out of the game...get outta here.' And the police officer said, 'excuse me sir, just referee the game, and we'll handle the crowd.' And he says 'no, get out.  Get out now.'  

The names of the referees were not immediately released.


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