Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin has gone missing from team after taking exception to prank

On Monday, Jonathan Martin was the victim of a cafeteria prank by his Miami Dolphins teammates.

Apparently, Martin took exception to the prank because he reportedly smashed a food tray on the ground and then stormed off the premises.

What makes the story even more concerning is that Martin has gone AWOL from the team over the last couple of days. Nobody in the Dolphins organization has seen him at the facility since Monday.

Furthermore, Martin is listed as doubtful for Thursday's game against the Bengals, as he had been previously been seeking treatment for an undefined illness at the team's facility.

The second-year offensive tackle was drafted in the second round out of Stanford in the 2012 NFL Draft. However, he has struggled to develop into the caliber of player the Dolphins hoped he would, prompting the team to trade for Bryant McKinnie a few weeks back.

Via Eye on Football


  1. Are they so content with a losing record they can play jokes on each other instead of manning
    up and showing up to work like professionals ?

  2. Agreed. Apparently this has gone well beyond one prank. This is now being reported as on-going bullying towards Martin. C'mon, these guys are supposed to be professionals - stop acting like a bunch of high school kids. Where were the veteran players during all of this?? I wonder what Philbin is going to do. If this was on-going bullying, the coaching staff needs to be a little more aware of what is going on off the field with their team.