Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chris Kaman injures his finger in toboggan mishap in China

Before the Los Angeles Lakers played a pair of preseason games against the Golden State Warriors in China, the Lakers naturally wanted to do a little sightseeing at the Great Wall of China, and that resulted in a bit of harm for center Chris Kaman, who injured his finger after being plowed into by teammate Shawne Williams.

From the Los Angeles Times:

His sled, essentially a wheeled cart with a brake, was rammed from behind by teammate Shawne Williams. Kaman instinctively put out his hand as he saw Williams careening toward him and, well, ouch.

“I didn’t hit the brake the whole time. Guys on the edge were yelling ‘Slow down’ and I just kept going,” Kaman said. “All of a sudden I catch up to this guy close to the bottom, so now I have to brake. Shawne Williams comes behind me without hitting his brake at all and just smashed right into me…. My hand smashed right between the two sleds. I didn’t feel the end of my finger for, like, an hour. It’s starting to throb a little right now.”

Despite the pain, Kaman said he expects to play on Tuesday against the Warriors.

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