Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cavaliers reveal that top pick Anthony Bennett has asthma and sleep apnea


On Thursday, the Cleveland Cavaliers revealed that rookie forward Anthony Bennett, the top overall pick in this year's NBA Draft, has asthma and sleep apnea.

Before Thursday, Bennett's conditions weren't widely or publicly known, however, it obviously didn't stop the Cavaliers from taking the former UNLV Runnin' Rebel with the No. 1 pick.

According to the USA Today, Bennett has had some breathing issues during workouts and preseason games. This makes sense after occasional shortness of breaths spells prevented him from being able to work out as much in the summer.

"It's a culmination of a lot of things," head coach Mike Brown said. "The shoulder, he's been out for a while, he's got asthma. We're throwing a lot at him. He's probably never played this hard against this competition in his life. He's got sleep apnea and some other things. He likes to stay up late."

Brown revealed that Bennett wears a mask at night for his sleep apnea.

Brown also admitted that he has noticed Bennett getting winded relatively easy.

"It's been tiring to watch him because every time I watch him he's (gasping)," Brown said. "It makes me tired, so I try not to look at him. I tell him, 'If you need a sub, just tell me. Otherwise I'm not going to look at you.'"

Although the conditions aren't too severe, they have to be somewhat concerning to Cavs fans and team personnel, especially considering Bennett was a shock to be taken No. 1.


  1. Cavs GM did not do his homework or these would have been found out relatively easy.#1 picks or any in the first round need a GM to talk to every person thats touch a players life last 4 years at least to find out every detail known.Were talking mega millions of owners money and the GM's job is to search every corner of every corner.Cavs GM once again you've screwed the owner over.Triston Thompson can't hit the broadside of a giant barn if he's 3ft away and you take him that high last year.Cavs owner that was huge redflag so this mistake is on you really by not firing him and getting a quality GM this year

    1. Not true about Thompson since he switched his shooting to right handed...

  2. dont worry Cavs fans, the meds out there today will put the BIG GUY right to sleep!!
    hopefully Dan Gilbert got some good Docs. on deck