Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cardinals fan group scraps 'St. Louis Stronger' slogan after receiving harsh response

A St. Louis Cardinals fan group called "Cardinals Nation," which has more than 63,000 likes on Facebook, drew considerable heat when images of apparel sporting the slogan "St. Louis Stronger" appeared on the web.

The post has since been removed after the group was selling sweatshirts bearing the controversial slogan. Most critics believe the slogan was a play on the "Boston Strong" motto that the city of Boston adopted after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Administrators of the site have since apologized and said they meant "no disrespect" to Bostonians over the use of the slogan. Here are a few of those apologies issued on Facebook:

"Cardinals Nation of course intended no disrespect to the tragedy that occurred in Boston or to the people of Boston and out of reverence to our friends up north , we will discontinue this slogan, see you at Busch.

Cardinals Nation wanted you to know what we were doing on April 15, 2013 on the horrible day in America. Again it was never our intent to cause any disrespect. Some of the comments in our previous post, we feel, further complicated the focus on our great City and her fans....that was not our intention and wanted to express the true sentiment of THAT moment, from the Cardinals Nation fan page and her fans around the city of St. Louis and Cardinals fans the World over."
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