Thursday, October 31, 2013

Video: Indiana football team attempts Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'

On Thursday, the Indiana Hoosiers football team was hard at work in preparation of Saturday's game against Minnesota by trying their collective hand at dancing to Michael Jackon's "Thriller."

As you can see, some of the players gave more effort than others, and the player you see toward the end of the video is fifth-year senior running back Stephen Houston, who stepped up to show the younger guys how it is done by moving to the beat of the timeless tune.

Let's hope the Hoosiers give a better performance against the Golden Gophers this weekend than they did with this 1980's classic.

Via Eye on College Football

Photo: Mark Henry dresses up as Rick Ross for Halloween

WWE Superstar Mark Henry Dresses Up as Rick Ross for Halloween

Mark Henry is widely regarded as the "World's Strongest Man" among WWE fans.

And he may also be the winner of the best Rick Ross costume, too.

Seriously, Henry's costume and 400-pound physique may him look so similar to the rapper, that some people may swear this is actually Ross himself.

Kobe Bryant set to receive $24 million lump sum on Friday


Everybody loves Friday partly because it's pay day.

But this Friday will be extra special for Kobe Bryant, as the Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly set to pay him a lump sum of over $24 million. Yes, twenty-four million.

From the LA Times:

Negotiated as part of his specific contract, Bryant receives a balloon payment on Nov. 1. On Friday, the All-Star guard will receive $24,363,044 from the Lakers.

Bryant's salary for the entire season is $30,453,805 -- the remaining $6.1 million will be paid out over the course of the year.

It's good to be the Black Mamba, folks.

Photo: Dump truck in Tuscaloosa wishes Nick Saban a happy birthday

Embedded image permalink

Today marks the 62nd birthday of Nick Saban. And the driver of this dump truck in Tuscaloosa wanted every one behind him to know about it, thanks to a nifty "Happy Birthday" sign.

No word yet on whether Saban ever actually saw the sign while driving today.

Nonetheless, happy birthday to coach, and Happy Halloween to all.

Via Twitter

Photo: Check out this pumpkin that looks like Andy Reid

View image on Twitter

A cleverly-designed pumpkin that looks like Andy Reid?

A cleverly-designed pumpkin that looks like Andy Reid.

Life is good at the moment for the Kansas City Chiefs head coach. Not only is his squad the only undefeated team in the NFL, but he also inspired someone to create a pumpkin in his exact likeness.

Oh, and let us not forget the delicious-looking double cheeseburger sitting to his right.

Vegas releases 2014 World Series odds for all 30 teams

Although the Boston Red Sox are probably still on cloud nine after winning baseball's most coveted prize last night, the folks in Las Vegas are already hard at work looking to next year's World Series.

On Thursday, the folks at Bovada released 2014 World Series odds for all 30 Major League Baseball teams, and it appears as though they don't believe the Red Sox are destined for a repeat.

Here are the way-too-early odds for next year's Fall Classic:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Albert Haynesworth fires back at ex-teammate Chris Cooley

Last week, Albert Haynesworth was scolded by former Washington Redskins teammate Chris Cooley when Cooley called Haynesworth an awful human being, among other disparaging things.

On Wednesday, Haynesworth responded to Cooley's comments, and did so in part by saying Cooley "sounds as stupid as he looks," which are pretty harsh words, indeed.

“If the guy had any sense whatsoever: I care about the game of football. I’m not out promoting my socks, I’m not out hollering at cheerleaders and trying to marry them and get divorced in a couple years. That’s just not me. I’m out playing the game of football. You see what happened the years before at Tennessee and what I was about. You don’t get runner-up two years in a row of Defensive Player of the Year, or being in the top five of MVP of the NFL, by just trying to get released. That doesn’t make any sense. He sounds as stupid as he looks. Maybe he should worry about his own personal life and worry about what his wife is doing and all that stuff – or maybe now I should say what his ex-wife was doing.”

Photo: Pelicans new mascot may haunt your dreams

View image on Twitter

The New Orleans Pelicans unveiled their new mascot Wednesday night.

And let's just say the spectacle is horrendous at best.

Meet Pierre the Pelican, a colorful blend of dark blue, red, and yellowish green, who may just haunt your dreams tonight.

Via Eye on Basketball

Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin has gone missing from team after taking exception to prank

On Monday, Jonathan Martin was the victim of a cafeteria prank by his Miami Dolphins teammates.

Apparently, Martin took exception to the prank because he reportedly smashed a food tray on the ground and then stormed off the premises.

What makes the story even more concerning is that Martin has gone AWOL from the team over the last couple of days. Nobody in the Dolphins organization has seen him at the facility since Monday.

Furthermore, Martin is listed as doubtful for Thursday's game against the Bengals, as he had been previously been seeking treatment for an undefined illness at the team's facility.

Julius Erving blames braces for conception of daughter

Julius Erving

Julius Erving has a new autobiography on the shelves and it is chalked full of revealing tidbits and nuggets like the one Richard Johnson of the New York Post noted.

In the autobiography entitled "Dr. J," the Philadelphia 76ers legend attributes the conception of daughter and tennis player Alexandra Stephenson to some hazardous dental wear.

“She becomes someone who helps me unwind if I’m feeling high-strung or stressed. I can drive over and spend a relaxing evening that might even include oral sex,” Erving writes. “I can only remember one time that we actually had intercourse, and that was because she had just gotten this new orthodontia to straighten her teeth. With wire and gleaming metal bristling in her mouth, oral sex was not an option.”

Roy Helu scores free shampoo for a year from Suave

(Via Redskins Nation)

You may remember a story we published last week about how Washington Redskins running back Roy Helu Jr. expressed his desire to become a spokesman for Suave shampoo. You know, similar to the way Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu plugs Head & Shoulders.

Well, as fate would have it, word has apparently gotten around to Suave, and they have offered Helu a free year's supply of Suave Men's products as a token of appreciation.

Check out this tweet:

Cleveland Indians minor league team changes name to 'Rubber Ducks'

main image

The Double-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians have changed their name to the Akron RubberDucks.

Although formerly known as the Akron Aeros, the change of identity is intended to reflect the city's reputation of being the "Rubber Capital of the World."

These aren't your traditional rubber ducks, though. Judging by the logo, these ducks are far more menacing and intimidating than the buoyant ones you have floated around in the bath tub before.

I may never be able to look at rubber ducks the same.

Via MLB Cut4

Lance Alworth's stolen Super Bowl ring found over two decades later


Hall of Fame wide receiver Lance Alworth never thought he would see his Super Bowl ring again after it was stolen 21 years ago.

However, the ring is back in his possession, thanks to some help from the San Diego Sheriff's Department.

Alworth contacted authorities after receiving a phone call Sept. 7 from a caller demanding $40,000 for the ring. Upon further review, police discovered the ring was scheduled to be sold Nov. 20 in an auction with an opening bid of $44,000.

This is when authorities stepped in and recovered the piece of memorabilia for Alworth.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photo: Bill Belichick dressed up as pirate for Halloween

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is not a man known for being animated or theatrical. Well, at least not on the job.

Seen here is Belichick giving his best Captain Jack Sparrow impersonation by dressing up as a swashbuckling pirate for Halloween.

The woman who he is playfully holding as hostage is girlfriend Linda Holliday.

We all owe Linda a round of applause as she was the one who posted the photo on Instagram.

Video: Everett Golson reveals why he was suspended by Notre Dame

Suspended Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson revealed why he was suspended from the school this semester in a video interview with Sports Illustrated on Tuesday.

Golson admitted that the punishment was in direct correlation to him getting caught cheating on a test.

"I had poor judgment on a test. It wasn't due too poor grades or anything like that," Golson told Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated.

"Did you cheat on the test?" Staples asked.

"Yeah, something like that," Golson responded.

"That's what it was."

Report: David Beckham aiming to bring MLS franchise to Miami

Former international soccer star David Beckham is reportedly aiming to bring a new Major League Soccer franchise to the sunny skies and sandy beaches of Miami.

According to the Associated Press, Beckham has been spent the first few months of his retirement mulling over a location, and now it appears he has made a decision.

From Eye on Sports:

“I think bringing an MLS team here to South Florida would be exciting,” he said back in June. “I think Miami fans are very passionate about their sports and very passionate about winning.”

Lindsey Vonn claims she aced a hole in first-ever round of golf

Tiger Woods may have some competition.

In a recent interview with talk show host David Letterman, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn revealed that her golf game may rival that of her boyfriend and the world's current No. 1 player.

"I have a hole-in-one. I'm pretty proud of that," explained Vonn, who hopes to return to competitive skiing in time for the Sochi Olympics in February. "My first round of 18 holes, I had one. It didn't bounce off a tree or anything and go in the hole, it was pretty legitimate."

Apparently, Vonn isn't the only one trying her hand in another sport. She says Woods is a pretty good skier in his own right. But Vonn stopped short of saying he was anywhere near as good as her.

Via Golf Channel

Pete Carroll gets photobombed by Darth Vader

Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Gets Photobombed by Darth Vader

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and NFL Network reporter Michelle Beisner weren't alone in their interview Monday night.

As you can see, Darth Vader also made an appearance, and was in no mood to take questions.

Luke Skywalker's father was probably just bummed he had to watch the Rams instead of being at Busch Stadium to watch the Cardinals play in the World Series.

It was a rough night for both St. Louis teams as each suffered a close defeat.

Via Bleacher Report

J.R. Hildebrand thwarts attempt by man to rob him with fake gun


IndyCar driver J.R. Hildebrand ran into trouble while walking his dog Monday night in Indianapolis.

Everything was normal until a man brandishing a dark colored pistol approached Hildebrand from behind while the latter was one his phone.

"A guy came up behind me and was yelling something at me and I turned around and he was standing there trying to get me to give him my phone," Hildebrand told WISH-TV. "It was sort of dark so I didn't really realize it at first but had something that looked like a gun. It obviously didn't turn out to be a real gun because I could hear him clicking it at me and it wasn't doing anything."

Hildebrand quickly dismissed the man after realizing the gun was fake.

The former Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year had this to on Twitter:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Video: High school converts wackiest two-point conversion you will ever see

The Sherwood High School (Ore.) football team employed an unusual play to convert a two-point conversion during its game against Putnam High School last weekend.

Already leading by a wide margin, Sherwood head coach Greg Lawrence dialed up this unorthodox tactic seen in the video clip above, which depicts the holder hopping off the field like a monkey, the 5-foot-5 kicker tossing a pass, and the 6-foot-11 tight end making the reception.

Apparently, the play has a name, "The Wrecking Ball."

"We have 32 seniors," Lawrence told MaxPreps. "We're trying to get of them in on special teams. We've been winning most games. We've been crushing everyone, so we've been trying to find things to make it fun for the kids."

Lawrence isn't kidding, either. Sherwood has outscored opponents 554-96 this season and that includes its 62-7 victory against Putnam.

Via For the Win

Chris Cooley says Albert Haynesworth tried to get released by Redskins

Albert Haynesworth is very similar to a lot of players over the years who have signed lucrative contracts and not lived up to expectations.

However, none of them have been accused of trying to play bad on purpose, which is exactly what former Washington Redskins teammate Chris Cooley said of Haynesworth, while going on the air with ESPN 980 last week.

He was trying to get released by the team. His goal was to come here, make a large signing bonus, and then get released and not have to do any of the work. He didn’t care about the back end of that contract, he didn’t care about making all of that money. His idea was, you paid me for what I did in the past, and my goal is to be released as soon as possible and basically take $33 million from you for absolutely nothing.

Conscience? What conscience?

Photo: Texas Tech unveils innovative 'Lone Ranger' uniforms

Courtesy of Under Armour

The Texas Tech Red Raiders will be looking extremely sharp when they take the field against Kansas State on Nov. 9th.

This is because the Red Raiders will be sporting the special-edition uniforms (seen above) to support the Lone Survivor Foundation, which was founded by retired Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, and aims to support service members and their families.

The motto of the foundation is "never quit" and that phrase will be displayed for all to see above each player's number on the back of the jersey.

Utah Jazz deletes tweet of fan with painted face after deeming it 'insensitive'

On Sunday, the official Utah Jazz Twitter account retweeted a photo they deemed too controversial and "insensitive" moments later.

This tweet and accompanying photo above was sent by a pair of fans who dressed up as legendary Jazz players John Stockton and Karl Malone for Halloween.

Apparently, some of their followers didn't take too kindly to the tweet, so the Jazz quickly pulled it down and issued the following apology.
What do you think? Is this photo insensitive or not?

Via For the Win 

Report: Royce White cussed out Houston Rockets official

Days before getting suspended by the Houston Rockets in 2012, enigmatic free agent Royce White, the 16th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, reportedly cussed out a high ranking team official.

Sources told TMZ that White had a heated encounter with Houston's top lawyer during a conversation in December 2012. The meeting was held in an attempt to work out an arrangement with White, who suffers from an anxiety disorder.

Obviously, the meeting did not go well, as White screamed at team executives, prompting general manager Daryl Morey to send White an email afterward to let him know the franchise was upset with his antics.

"What is completely unacceptable to our franchise is your inexcusable cursing and calling our people liars, incompetent and worse," Morey wrote.

Video: Watch LeBron James train in new Nike commercial

Nike has released a new commercial featuring the best basketball player in the world, LeBron James, and it is simply superb.

The nearly two-minute long clip depicts the Miami Heat star training for the upcoming season by running, biking, and swimming around the city.

Oh, and James isn't alone in his workout, as a mob of fitness-minded athletes accompany him along the whole way.

Via Bleacher Report

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Photo: Kid has worn Aaron Rodgers jersey for over 1,000 straight days

A Wisconsin kid's worn an Aaron Rodgers jersey for three-straight years.

Have you ever been teased for wearing the same shirt two days in a row? If so, you are absolutely going to enjoy the following story about a Wisconsin kid, who has worn an Aaron Rodgers jersey for more than 1,000 consecutive days.

Yes, you read that right. David Pehl, a 6th-grader from Holmen, Wisconsin, has worn the same article of clothing for nearly three years running.

Apparently, Pehl is aiming to break a record set by someone else who wore a Brett Favre jersey for more than four years.

And is if that wasn't already crazy enough, Pehl's entire family is Minnesota Vikings fans, which makes seeing him in a Packers jersey everyday even more unbearable.

Video: Ohio State marching band will blow your mind while taking shot at rival


The Ohio State Buckeyes marching band is good. Really good.

The latest evidence of this fact came during halftime on Saturday as "The Best Damn Band in the Land" produced some mind-blowing movie-themed formations.

These weren't just any movie-themed formations. These were cleverly designed to take specific shots at Ohio State's arch rival in Ann Arbor.

Watch as the Buckeyes band beautifully craft a giant dinosaur and a pair of battleships that ultimately lead to Michigan's demise. (You can check out more video after the page break)

Video: Man dressed as Robert Griffin runs marathon while juggling footballs

Did you know that Robert Griffin III participated in the Marine Corps Marathon in the nation's capital on Saturday?

Well, not really. It was merely an imposter dressed as the Washington Redskins star quarterback.

Furthermore, the man ran the marathon while juggling three footballs.

Why? Who knows. But it does make for an interesting spectacle to say the least.

Via For the Win

Video: 4-foot-9 walk-on gets first career carry with Rice Owls

Rice Owls running back Jayson Carter achieved a lifelong dream on Saturday.

The momentous occasion came in the fourth quarter when the 4-foot-9 Carter received his first career carry with the Owls, which drew a loud applause from the home crowd, and also plenty of chatter from the broadcasters.

The 135-pound Carter spent three years on the scout team before getting a chance to play in a real game.
He is living proof that hard work does indeed pay off.

What a great story.

Via Bleacher Report

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photo: Adrian Peterson rewards his offensive lineman with snowmobiles

View image on Twitter

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson knows that he can't gain yards by himself.

So, as a display of his sincere appreciation for the guys who open running lanes for him, he recently gave the entire Vikings offensive line snowmobiles as gifts!

Check out these tweets from Vikings employee Jeff Anderson:

Video: Dwight Howard, Marc Gasol separated after exchanging shoves

fight3 (1)

Dwight Howard and Marc Gasol got into a mammoth-size pushing match Friday night during the Rockets-Grizzlies game in Houston.

The incident began when Gasol drew a double team from Howard and Rockets guard Patrick Beverley in the first quarter. The Spaniard apparently didn't like that much as he passed the ball and then sent Beverley to the floor.

Naturally, this is when Howard stepped in for his fallen teammate, and proceeded to give Gasol a pretty good shove, which Gasol shortly returned to Howard.

Both players were separated and assessed technical fouls.

Photo: Manchester United apologizes for Swastika logo in mass email

What was Manchester United thinking whenever they included a Swastika-style logo in a weekly email blast sent to fans?

The team received wicked backlash on Twitter after the image seen above made the rounds on the internet.

As you can see, the release includes a logo similar to the one used by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, and the headline of the email read "New Order," which also has connotations with reference to Hitler's speech calling for a European New Order.

The club's head of media has apologized on behalf of the team and said they are launching an internal investigation.

Via Bleacher Report

Video: Watch high school football player score amazing touchdown off blocked punt

Monrovia High School (Calif.) senior Darius McClain scored a touchdown you have to see believe.

On Thursday, in Monrovia's 77-0 win over La Canada High School (Calif.), McClain lined up to block a punt, and not only blocked it, but scored a touchdown, too!

"I don't even know [what happened]," McClain said of his block. "I just ran into block it and I put my hands up and the ball just came straight to me and I caught it and ran it in for a touchdown."

Via For the Win

Cardinals fan group scraps 'St. Louis Stronger' slogan after receiving harsh response

A St. Louis Cardinals fan group called "Cardinals Nation," which has more than 63,000 likes on Facebook, drew considerable heat when images of apparel sporting the slogan "St. Louis Stronger" appeared on the web.

The post has since been removed after the group was selling sweatshirts bearing the controversial slogan. Most critics believe the slogan was a play on the "Boston Strong" motto that the city of Boston adopted after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Administrators of the site have since apologized and said they meant "no disrespect" to Bostonians over the use of the slogan. Here are a few of those apologies issued on Facebook:

Brad Keselowski says doctors don't belong in NASCAR: 'Let them play in their arena and I'll play in mine'


Defending Sprint Cup Series champion Brad Keselowski says doctors have no place in NASCAR.

On Friday, Keselowski was asked about NASCAR's new concussion policy which takes effect next season, and he expressed concern over how the doctors will be able to accurately decide whether a potentially concussed driver can race or not.

"Doctors don't understand our sport," Keselowski told reporters after his qualifying lap at Martinsville Speedway. "They never have and they never will. Doctors aren't risk-takers. We are. That's what makes our sport what it is and when you get doctors involved, it waters down our sport.

"I'm trying to be open-minded to the possibility they can help us, but past experience says no."

On Thursday, NASCAR announced it would implement a mandatory baseline test during the preseason, the University of Pittsburgh's ImPACT test, to save for later in case doctors need to evaluate whether a driver has sustained a concussion during a crash.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Photo: New York Knicks to wear creamsicle uniforms

The New York Knicks will be sporting a new alternate uniform this season.

Hint: It mimics the color of a Creamsicle popsicle

There has been no word yet on which games in particular the Knicks will wear these. However, an educated guess is that they will don them during nationally televised games and perhaps on Halloween.

High school football player in Ohio suspended over poem

Rittman High School (Ohio) junior Nick Andre was kicked off the football team and suspended from school for four days after reading his poem aloud in English class.

The assignment was to write something that made the student angry. So, for the sake of the assignment, Andrew read his poem entitled "Stupid," which vented his frustrations about Rittman's 1-7 football team.

As notes, Andre's poem partly references Rittman coach Bill Dennis and his son Blake, a senior wide receiver, who is committed to Akron.

Here is the aforementioned poem:

Report: NFL may sell Thursday games to another network

The National Football League is exploring the possibility of selling eight Thursday games a year to an outside network.

The deal would reportedly be worth around $700 million per year and would begin in the 2015 or 2016 season. As part of the deal, the NFL Network would continue to keep eight of the weeknights games for its own network, where currently every Thursday night game airs.

Networks that could be interested in such a purchase include the Turner family of networks, FOX Sports 1, and NBC Sports. If it comes to fruition, the package deal could also include a wild card game, assuming commissioner Roger Goodell is successful in expanding the postseason.

Via Sports Illustrated

Brett Favre reveals scary experience with concussions


Retired quarterback Brett Favre played 20 seasons in the NFL.

This included many memorable moments and a streak where he started 321 consecutive games.

During that span, Favre took a lot of hits, and endured plenty of injuries, including multiple concussions.

Now, the 44-year-old is paying the price, as evidenced by this recent revelation on a radio show in Washington.

"I don't remember my daughter playing soccer, playing youth soccer, one summer," he said.

"I don't remember that. I got a pretty good memory, and I have a tendency like we all do to say, 'Where are my glasses?' and they're on your head. This was pretty shocking to me that I couldn't remember my daughter playing youth soccer, just one summer, I think. I remember her playing basketball, I remember her playing volleyball, so I kind of think maybe she only played a game or two. I think she played eight. So that's a little bit scary to me.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Roy Helu wants a shampoo deal with Suave like Troy Polamalu has with Head & Shoulders

(Via Redskins Nation)

Washington Redskins running back Roy Helu is good at two things: football and growing hair.

Being good at football has already allowed him to make money in the NFL, however, Helu still wants to capitalize on the impressive mane he has been producing by way of an endorsement deal.

Appearing on Redskins Nation with Larry Michael this week, Helu was asked if he was growing his hair in an effort to land a shampoo deal like Troy Polamalu, to which he responded:

“That’s not the purpose of growing my hair out,” Helu immediately said. “I want to make sure that I say that. But, you know, if something comes along? Suave? I’m not a Suave user, but I know that they’re pretty affordable, and I want to be marketed to the blue-collar people who can’t afford Head & Shoulders. Suave’s No. 1, you know?”

Your move, Suave.

Photo: Tennessee lumber store tries to troll Nick Saban with poorly worded sign

If you are going to try and troll Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide, you better make sure you at least present your case in a grammatically correct format.

Hint: extra emphasis on "you are."

Seen here is an attempt by a Tennessee lumber store (Witt Lumber) to send a message to Saban and the Tide ahead of Saturday's game against the Volunteers.

“Dear Mr. Saban. Your next. Vol Nation," the sign reads.


Video: Yasiel Puig shows up to little league practice, throws batting practice

Yasiel Puig made some dreams come true on Tuesday.

This is because the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder unexpectedly showed up to a little league practice and wound up throwing batting practice to a team of 8-year-olds.

Aside from throwing to each and every kid, Puig also took the time to autograph everything from baseballs, bats, gloves, and caps. He also posed for photos with the awe-inspired players and their surprised parents.

For all the flack Puig received for his on and off-field antics during his rookie campaign, this gesture will go a long way in repairing his image.

Via Big League Stew

Florida State to sell Bobby Bowden-themed hats and shirts this weekend

Courtesy of Florida StateCourtesy of Florida State

On Saturday, fans who make their way to Doak Campbell Stadium will have a chance to buy all sorts of officially licensed apparel of retired Florida State Seminoles coach Bobby Bowden.

In collaboration with the Collegiate Licensing Company, Florida State will offer Bowden-themed t-shirts, autographed footballs, replicas of Bowden's signature straw hat, and a commemorative book.

The school and Bowden have reached an agreement to split the profits generated from the sale equally.

“Only a few schools have had coaches reach legendary status where once retired, they’re still marketable to the fan base,” FSU licensing director Sherri Dye said. “The closest thing I would say is (former Alabama coach) Bear Bryant. We started researching this a long time ago. We looked into other legendary coaches like (Penn State’s) Joe Paterno, (Ohio State’s) Woody Hayes, and other iconic coaches that have had agreements with schools.”

Jim Irsay took a cheap shot at Peyton Manning following Sunday's win

(Screenshot via Eye on Football)

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay continues to put his proverbial foot in his mouth.

The latest incident comes immediately following Indy's victory over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football.

Apparently, Irsay gave a speech to the team that was captured by NFL Films, and aired for the world to see on Wednesday via Inside the NFL.

“That other guy next door, is one of the greats and I have nothing but gratitude towards what he’s done for this team. But today is today. And we all know that we want to go and get this [holds up Super Bowl ring]. Anyone who doesn’t want more than one of these shouldn’t wear a horseshoe because that’s what it’s about.”

In case you couldn't decipher the subtle message, Irsay basically implied that Manning didn't want to win a second Super Bowl. Wait, what?

Buzz Williams gives odd response when asked why he doesn't sleep much

Buzz Williams leads a Marquette team that ranks as the favorite in the new-look Big East. (Getty Images)

You won't find many coaches around college basketball as energetic, passionate, and quite frankly odd, than Marquette's Buzz Williams.

Williams recently took the time to conduct an interview with Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports to shed some insight on a variety of topics pertaining to the upcoming season.

Here is one of the more notable exchanges from the transcript of the interview, which Rothstein asks Williams why he has so much trouble snoozing. Why don't you need much sleep?

Williams: I'm just wired different. I'm scared. I live scared. That's not a good answer. As a faith-born guy that's for sure not the right answer. I'm anxious to wake up. I'm anxious when I go to sleep, so I wake up anxious. I'm ready to go to work. That way whether it's Media Day or it's August 20th, it's just how I'm built.

West Virginia student arrested for flipping car after victory against Oklahoma State

Sometimes, burning a couch just doesn't cut it.

In September, the West Virginia Mountaineers scored a huge upset victory over Oklahoma State, 30-21, and as you might imagine, things got a little rowdy in Morgantown during the celebration.

For example, one WVU student decided to flip a car to display his joy for the gridiron triumph, but it didn't come without consequence, as he was arrested for the dirty deed on Wednesday.

Kevin James Wheeler, a WVU student from White Hall, Md., was arrested Wednesday evening. Police have also obtained a warrant for William Schwab, 18, a University of South Carolina student from Sparks Glencoe, Md. Both are charged with felony destruction of property.

The vehicle damage estimate exceeded $6,000.

Shannon Sharpe hits the lottery

Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe hit it big on Thursday.

This is because Sharpe won $1,200 via the lottery.

Now, the occurrence raises a few questions, mainly why a guy who made millions playing in the National Football League, and who currently makes money serving as a commentator for CBS Sports, needs to play the lottery.

Nevertheless, it turned out to be a good decision this time around.

Via Bleacher Report 

Video: Derrick Rose makes Reggie Jackson look silly on crossover

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose is back and apparently better than ever.

After missing the entire 2012-13 season with an ACL injury, Rose has been quite impressive so far in the preseason, and the latest evidence comes from Wednesday's game at Oklahoma City.

Seen here is the lightning-quick Rose making third-year Thunder player Reggie Jackson look silly during a crossover dribble. As you can see, Jackson has no clue where Rose goes at one point.

Jackson isn't Rose's first victim this year and probably won't be the last.

Via Bleacher Report

Report: Brett Favre turns down offer from St. Louis Rams to return to NFL

Brett Favre isn't walking through that door.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the St. Louis Rams placed a call to the 44-year-old retired quarterback, in hopes that he would consider making another comeback, but the future Hall of Famer shot them down.

The Rams are in desperate need of a signal caller after starter Sam Bradford sustained a season-ending ACL injury in last Sunday's game. However, Bradford's replacement won't be Favre.

It's not like Favre hasn't decided to come out of retirement multiple times before. His waffling with regard to retirement has become legendary after serving stints with the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings after retiring as a Green Bay Packer. The Mississippi native last played in an NFL game in 2010 and it appears as though that is the way it's going to remain.

Via Bleacher Report

Video: Red Sox fan videobombs John Kruk while pouring soda on himself


Boston Red Sox fans were very happy after Wednesday's 8-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series.

If you don't believe me, take this young fellow for example, who proceeded to videobomb John Kruk and the rest of the Baseball Tonight crew, by stripping off his Dr. Pepper shirt, and pouring Coca-Cola all over himself.

It's quite the spectacle, eh?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

High school football coach accused of bullying by running up score has been cleared

A parent has accused Aledo coach Tim Buchanan of bullying after a 91-0 rout. (Getty Images)

Tim Buchanan, the coach of the No. 1 ranked high school football team in the state of Texas, whose Aledo squad destroyed an opposing team 91-0 last Friday, has been cleared of bullying charges.

The charges were filed by the parent of an opposing player following the lopsided loss.

Here is a look at the complaint obtained by the Associated Press:

“Picking up my son from the fieldhouse after the game and taking him home was tough,” the complaint read. “I did not know what to say to my son on the ride home to explain the behavior of the aledo (sic) coaches for not easing up when the game was in hand.”

One section of the complaint asks to list the names of any witnesses to the bullying. Wrote the parent: “everyone in the football stadium.”

The parent put no blame on Aledo players, and instead praised them for good sportsmanship and wished them good luck.

Ohio high school football player booted from team and suspended over this poem

Rittman High School (Ohio) junior Nick Andre was kicked off the football team and suspended from school for four days after reading his poem aloud in English class.

The assignment was to write something that made the student angry. So, for the sake of the assignment, Andrew read his poem entitled "Stupid," which vented his frustrations about Rittman's 1-7 football team.

As notes, Andre's poem partly references Rittman coach Bill Dennis and his son Blake, a senior wide receiver, who is committed to Akron.

Here is the aforementioned poem:

Toni Kukoc used to eat massive meals before games

Every player in the NBA has their own pregame ritual. But the pregame ritual that former Chicago Bulls great Toni Kukoc employed will blow your mind, and possibly your stomach.

From NBA TV's Steve Kerr:

But I'll tell you a quick story about Toni Kukoc, when he came over to the NBA. First game of the season, I asked him if he wanted to go grab a bite to eat. It's about three o'clock in the afternoon, four hours before the game. He orders this feast—salad, appetizer, huge plate of pasta, chicken, glass of red wine, a dessert like tiramisu and then he follows it up with an espresso. And I'm just in awe.

I'm stating the obvious here, but that's a lot of food. 

Kerr seems to agree.

Gilbert Arenas doesn't disagree that his contract is worst in league history

1. Gilbert Arenas: 6 years, $111 million (2008 Wizards)

In 2008, the Washington Wizards pulled the trigger on arguably the worst contract in NBA history, agreeing to a six-year extension with star guard Gilbert Arenas worth $111 million.

In fact, Yahoo! Sports ranked the deal No. 1 in its list of the "NBA's Worst Contracts of the 21st Century" on Tuesday. And as fate would have it, TMZ managed to catch up with Arenas on the same day, to ask him what he thought about the dubious list.

"I'm number one? Of all time? Well, it could be...I'm not arguing that it's not," Arenas confessed.

He then went on to give a pretty candid response after that, claiming he got paid for what he did, not necessarily what he was going to do.

"What I did to get that contract was different from what I've done since I got that contract," he said.

Video: David Wilson wanders around New York in rabbit mask

If you happened to be walking around New York City on Sunday, and noticed a human-like rabbit wandering about, don't be alarmed.

Apparently, the masked figure was just Giants running back David Wilson, who according to this video posted on Instagram, was simply looking for some Starbucks.

God bless all the poor kids he probably scared the hell out of in the process.

In the video below, Wilson didn't make such a public scene, but he did appear to try to eat chicken wings while wearing his rabbit mask.

Tajh Boyd shoots down huge gambling debt rumor

It was a rough weekend for Clemson Tigers quarterback Tajh Boyd.

Not only did his team get waxed at home by a conference rival, but a report surfaced citing sources that claim Boyd had gotten himself into an $80,000 gambling debt, primarily from betting on NFL games.

On Tuesday, Boyd shot down the rumors, saying his cable provider only allowed him access to two games each Sunday.

"I have no idea where that came from," Boyd said. "It was kind of shocking to me as well. That on top of the loss (to Florida State) made for a rough little weekend.

"I rarely watch NFL games," Boyd said.

Jackson State plans to sue Grambling over cancelled football game

The show of unity by Grambling State football players has garnered widespread media attention across the nation. However, their protest could also wind up costing the university huge bucks.

On Saturday, Grambling State players refused to travel to Jackson State to participate in their regularly scheduled game, and subsequently forfeited. Now, Jackson State leaders plan to take legal action, because they claim the school took a financial hit after being forced to cancel the game.

Here is the message the school sent out to alumni and supporters Tuesday:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Photo: Cat reads Los Angeles Times while doing business in litter box

Words don't really do this picture justice, but for the sake of clarity, what you behold here is indeed an inquisitive cat reading a newspaper, the Los Angeles Times to be exact, while taking care of its usual business in a litter box.

From the looks of it, the cat is just simply reading up on San Diego Chargers news. 

For the record, the Chargers go for their third win in a row on Sunday, when they take on Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins.

San Diego Padres minor league affiliate to be nicknamed Chihuahuas

El Paso's Minor League Baseball Team Will Be The Chihuahuas

The San Diego Padres have a new Triple-A affiliate based in El Paso and they have finally chosen a nickname to go by. Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the El Paso Chihuahuas.

Apparently, Chihuahuas beat out a whole list of other worthy candidates, including Aardvarks, Buckaroos, Desert Gators, and Sun Dogs, among others.

I could be wrong, but Chihuahuas doesn't sound like the best of team nicknames, but it is probably the best from that ill-fated group.

Via Deadspin

Photo: Curious pigeon blocks Oregon Ducks practice camera

Oregon Pigeon

This was the scene through the lens of one of the Oregon Ducks practice cameras on Tuesday.

As you can see, this little guy had a bird's eye view of the action, and was perhaps spying on the practice to figure out how to stop Oregon's high octane offense.

The Ducks will welcome the No. 12 UCLA Bruins to Eugene on Saturday.

StubHub cancels $6 World Series ticket purchase after calling sale 'fradulent'

Hey, remember that guy we told you about who managed to snag a ticket to the World Series opener for just $3 ($6 with fees)?

Well, as fate would have it, StubHub has decided to cancel his purchase, citing the sale as "fradulent."

Here is a description from Erik about what happened:

Apparently the seller contacted stub hub because I got an email saying they were canceling my $6 World Series ticket.

Also I got a poorly worded voicemail saying that the ticket was fake and that I was protected by the fan protect guarantee. I'd get my 6 bucks back. Woohoo.

Joe Theismann says 'Redskins' name is tribute to native americans

While some have adamantly expressed their discontent with the Washington Redskins nickname, citing it's a derogatory name and offensive to Native Americans, former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann doesn't believe those things at all.

Instead, Theismann believes the Redskins name is a tribute to Native Americans, and said he was very proud to wear the Redskins uniform from 1974 to 1985.

Theismann also said he was proud to "represent the Native American nations of this country as proudly as we could with such great honor."

Additionally, Theismann said he received an Indian headdress after winning the Super Bowl, but couldn't remember which tribe game it to him.

If it was up to him, the Redskins wouldn't change their name.