Friday, September 27, 2013

Video: Vanderbilt offensive lineman flips out in locker room

The Vanderbilt Commodores went on the road last Saturday and proceeded to score a modest 24-7 victory over FCS school Massachusetts.

However, as unimpressive as that final score may seem, the game was a lot closer at halftime, as Vandy entered the break leading 10-7, and that had senior offensive lineman Wesley Johnson extremely upset.

Watch as this video clip shows Johnson flipping out on his teammates while trying to motivate them to play better. The spectacle begins around the 0:16 mark and ends around 0:49.

It takes throwing a helmet, tossing a chair, and yelling some incomprehensible words to fire his team up, but it seems as though his antics worked. The Commodores came out in the second half and outscored the Minutemen by two touchdowns.

For what it's worth, there is no telling how many other scenes like this occur in football locker rooms around the country each week.

Via Deadspin

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