Saturday, September 7, 2013

Video: Tom Izzo urges students to leave during football delay

No single human being is more influential to Michigan State fans than legendary Spartans basketball coach Tom Izzo.

On Saturday, inclement weather delayed Michigan State's home game against South Florida, and forced many fans to leave the stadium. However, despite a message posted on the scoreboard urging them to leave, majority of fans sitting in the student section opted to ignore it.

This is when Izzo grabbed a microphone and took matters into his own hands. You can see and hear a little of his speech in the video clip posted above.

Izzo's talk did well to clear out majority of fans sitting in the student section. But a select few decided to be stubborn and stick around anyway. Well, at least until a heavy downpour of rain washed over the stadium about 10 minutes later.

Once the delay ended, Izzo held up his end of the bargain by joining the student section to watch the game. Here is visual evidence to serve as proof.

Photo: MSU Spartans/Instagram


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