Saturday, September 7, 2013

Video: Runner nearly loses triathlon while celebrating before finish line

The winner of a Brazilian Ironman event almost lost his crown because he was too busy celebrating victory before it was really captured.

Seen here is Ironman champion and Frenchman Jeremy Jurkiewicz stopping near the finish line to celebrate with supporters in the most cocky display imaginable.

Everything is going just fine until Jurkiewicz suddenly realizes that the competitor in second place is barreling down hard on him and threatening to win the race.

This is when Jurkiewicz puts a halt to the celebration and resorts to a desperate measure in order to save face and finish first.

Could you imagine the agony he would have felt had he lost?

In the end, Jurkiewicz bested many others in the half-length Ironman triathlon, which included a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run, which he nearly blew.

Via Bleacher Report

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