Friday, September 13, 2013

Video: Mets announcers rip own reliever for hitting Jayson Werth

The New York Mets announcers were none too pleased when Mets reliever Frank Francisco plunked Washington Nationals OF Jayson Werth with a pitch Thursday night.

The incident came in the top of the eighth inning on a 3-0 count, with Washington leading 5-2, with no outs, and with first base open. The situation, coupled with the replay, seems to suggest the announcers have a good case that the hit-by-pitch was intentional.

This is when they decided to rip Francisco, calling him a "fool," and calling the spectacle "the silliest thing I have ever seen."

What makes the motive for Francisco to nail Werth even more bewildering is the fact that the two have limited history against each other. In five career plate appearances, Werth is 1-for-3 against Francisco, with a walk and the hit-by-pitch. Nothing that warrants getting smacked in the back with a fastball, obviously.