Friday, September 6, 2013

Video: Minor league catcher hospitalized after violent collision at plate

A scary scene unfolded in Game 1 of the Class AA Eastern League playoffs between the Erie Seawolves and the Harrisburg Senators on Wednesday.

The incident occurred when Seawolves infielder Brandon Douglas violently collided with Senators catcher Brian Jeroloman on a play at home plate.

As you can see, both players appeared to be shaken up, and Jeroloman was so much so that he wound up in a nearby hospital. He remained hospitalized as of Thursday night.

You aren't likely to see too many collisions like this one on the baseball diamond.

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  1. Dirty play by the runner. He came in like a football player going for a downfield block instead of reaching for the plate with his foot. The catcher did not have the plate blocked with his body so there was no need for this. Watch the runner lead with his head and shoulder into the unsuspecting catcher. As dirty a play as I have ever seen. Dirty, dangerous, and uncaring for the consequences.

  2. This video ended before Douglas left the field but it was obvious the Jeroloman was hurt bad and Douglas never even looked at him or displayed any kind of concern.....AT ALL.


  3. yes dirty play. He knew what he was doing, just tacked the catcher down. He should be charged for attempted dirty play or something. The onces in charged should have more rules as to how dangerous some plays are. But this was now a play the runner just wanted him out of the way so he could not be out.@3*7^4#$Runner.

  4. Anonymous. Can you keep us up on the condition the catcher is. I feed for him, he didn't know what hit him. I know a big fat noteam runner who just wanted a score. the B....tered.

  5. That is as dirty a play as I have ever seen, not even in street ball do you try to deliberately hurt the other player like this runner did. he should be fined and suspended for a long time.

  6. I thought there was a rule in High School baseball that you must slide into home. Running into the catcher was illegal and the player is to be ejected.

  7. My dtr was involved in a similar incident when she was a teen playing softball. She played from the time she was abt 6 yrs old til 17 yrs old. Three players collided. Dtr was catcher, trying to, of course, catch the ball. She ended up w/ a severe knee injury that she has had trouble w/, ever since. Hope this player will be alright.

  8. Dirty?'s playoff baseball; "professional" playoff baseball. Unlike recreational or competitive softball, high school, college, or over 30 senior baseball, it's not illegal to have contact with a catcher in a scoring play. Think Pete Rose running into Ray Fosse in the 1970 All-Star Game. Fosse was never the same again, but Rose was not trying to intentionally hurt him. Nothing dirty, just a hard nose player trying to score. Same thing here.

    Remember, too, this is AA. It's not only a job for these guys; most are trying to move up to the majors if they can. Don't think MLB's Front Office powers-that-be won't remember something like this somewhere down the line.

    As for not looking back, the announcer said the runner was down as well and sure enough, look at him crawling to home plate. He's not jumping up, with an "in your face" expression; instead, he looks semi-stunned, even hurt.

    Come on folks; cut the guy some slack. He was just doing his job.

    1. cause your a family/friend/teammate or the jerk, you don't see hits like that even in the big time ex-yankee/red sox games, or any world series so stop w/excuses, dirty hit for baseball, good football hit, Period

  9. dirty? I don't think so. Is it against the rules, no. Infielders and catchers also have to be aware of the steel cleats from sliding base runners. If they get spiked it is within the rules as long as the runner doesn't get out of the baseline. Don't forget the catcher does have a helmet, mask, chest protector, and hard plastic shin guards.
    A series of unfortunate events. Hope the catcher gets well soon