Monday, September 23, 2013

Video: Jordan Todman shushes crowd despite Jaguars losing big

The Jacksonville Jaguars traveled across the country on Sunday and were promptly given a 45-17 thrashing by the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field.

The game was never really in question and Seattle entered the affair as huge favorites.

However, Jaguars running back Jordan Todman felt the need to shush the crowd after scoring a touchdown that cut the lead to 38-16. It also marked the first of Todman's career.

For future reference, Todman may want to consider checking the scoreboard before motioning to the crowd to hush themselves.

The Jaguars are now 0-3 with Sunday's loss.


  1. Well the Jags scored that is enough to shush most teams since KC did not let them pass the 50 yard line for most of the game. Sometimes you got to take what you get and celebrate small victories.

  2. It was his first even NFL touchdown.

    Anyone would celebrate that.

    1. If it were my first NFL td I would give the sssshh

  3. Seattle had only back ups in the game.