Thursday, September 12, 2013

Video: Floyd Mayweather flips after coffee mishap

A word of advice, folks. Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not like honey in his coffee.

During a recent sitdown with reporters ahead of his upcoming fight against Saul Alvarez, Mayweather ripped into one of the members of his entourage for bringing him a cup of coffee containing honey.

Watch as the professional boxer takes an initial sip while answering questions, makes a disgusted face, and then questions the quality of the coffee.

Mayweather tries to go back to answering questions, however, he can't get over the taste of his coffee, and eventually realizes someone had put honey in there.

The rest was history.

In fairness, the tirade was probably more for the cameras than anything. But I believe everyone has now learned that Mayweather is not a fan of honey-flavored brew.

Via For the Win

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