Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Video: Billy Hamilton gets caught stealing for first time in majors, is human

Entering Wednesday's game versus the Mets, Reds speedster Billy Hamilton had yet to be caught stealing in 13 attempts in the major leagues. However, that changed in the bottom of the fifth inning when the rookie was gunned down by catcher Juan Centeno.

Trying to throw out Hamilton on the basepaths has been as frustrating for catchers as trying to keep an ice cream cone from melting on a hot summer day. Before joining the Reds on Sept. 1, Hamilton successfully swiped 75 of 90 stolen base attempts in Triple-A this season.

That number is nothing compared to the combined 155 he stole in a jaw-dropping 192 attempts in the minor leagues in 2012. There is no denying the 23-year-old has some serious wheels. But those wheels were abruptly stopped on Wednesday. Remember this day, though. Hamilton doesn't get thrown out often.

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