Thursday, September 12, 2013

Texas A&M Aggies license plate sold for $115,000

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One Texas A&M fan has decided to show his pride in the Aggies by paying a whopping $115,000 for a special vanity plate that reads "12THMAN."

The plate, which is maroon and white and features the Texas A&M logo, was sold through an online auction.

The fan placing the winning bid is slated to receive his coveted license plate in an on-field celebration during A&M's monumental clash against top-ranked Alabama.

No word yet whether the plate cost more than the car it will go on.

Via For the Win


  1. It must be nice to have money to burn.

  2. I don't EVER want to hear about people complaining about the "economy" after reading this story.

  3. Tony freaking Buzbee!