Monday, September 16, 2013

Steven Ridley: Patriots ready to jump off a bridge due to scoring woes

The New England Patriots may be sporting an undefeated record, but running back Stevan Ridley is not happy about the fact that his team has managed to score just 36 points in the first two weeks of the regular season.

In fact, according to Ridley, nobody on the Patriots is happy about the way the offense has performed through the first two weeks of the regular season. And they might just be ready to jump off a bridge because of it.

No, seriously.

“In that case, the whole team is ready to jump off a bridge, man, because we’re not scoring as many points as we’d like to, either,” Ridley said. “For us, it’s a struggle, man. We’re going into Week 3. Like I said, I don’t think any football team in the league is where they want to be right now. That’s not making any excuses for us — that just tells us we have to come in here and work a little bit harder and try to fix the things we messed up this past weekend. That’s why it’s a week behind us — we have time to prepare for what’s coming up. And hopefully try and improve and get better.”

While most NFL franchises would probably be completely satisfied with a 2-0 record, the Patriots are definitely not your typical NFL franchise. This is a team who has gotten accustomed to being near the top of the league in offensive production. But with Aaron Hernandez in jail, Rob Gronkowski ailing, and Wes Welker departed, veteran quarterback Tom Brady doesn't have the weapons he used to.


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