Saturday, September 14, 2013

Russian football team trying to lure Tim Tebow with lucrative offer

NFL free agent quarterback Tim Tebow may not be able to find a job in the United States, but there is an American football team in Russia who desperately wants the former Heisman winner, and is willing to pay big money to do so.

The owner of the Moscow Black Storm, Mikhail Zaltsman, told a Russian newspaper that he wants Tebow to play in the semifinal of the American Football Championship of Russia on Sept. 28. Zaltsman believes Tebow can lead the team to a win over the Moscow Patriots and then win again in the championship game.

Additionally, Zaltsman claims he spoke with Tebow personally about the opportunity, offered him more money than he would have made for playing an entire season for the New England Patriots, and most importantly, Tebow allegedly wants to do it.

We have offered him $1 million for two games,” Zaltsman told Russia Beyond the Headlines. “I talked with him personally and he wanted to go.”

The only hiccup preventing Tebow from accepting the deal is his agents. They are reportedly urging him not to play, and as a result, Tebow is likely to listen to their advice, thus ending the possibility of Tebow participating in a professional football game in Russia.

Via Pro Football Talk

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