Monday, September 9, 2013

Randy Moss is mad Vikings gave his old number to rookie

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Retired NFL receiver Randy Moss is upset at the fact that the Minnesota Vikings decided to give rookie Corarrelle Patterson his old No. 84.

And he made that perfectly clear on Sunday.

“That’s disrespectful to give a rookie my number,” Moss, a new Fox studio analyst, “I don’t really believe in numbers but from a professional standpoint, I did make that number. He hasn’t proven anything yet but hey what can I say? I’m just Randy Moss sitting here in the studio."

Simmer down, Randy.

After all, Patterson is no slouch. The Vikings thought so highly of him that they used their first round pick (29th overall) to snag him out of the University of Tennessee. 

It should also be noted that several Vikings player have donned the No. 84 since Moss left. Also, Patterson wore the number during his college career, too.

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