Friday, September 27, 2013

Photo: Georgetown Hoyas unveil 'friendlier' mascot design

New mascot vs. old mascot. (Courtesy Georgetown)

The Georgetown Hoyas have one of the most menacing mascots in all of college basketball. But that is about to change when they unveil their new mascot during homecoming festivities this weekend.

On Friday, the school announced their decision to give their mascot a makeover. The new design features bigger eyes and a less intimidating grin. The picture above shows the comparison between the new design (left) and the old one (right).

The new look is intended to make the mascot appear more "friendly."

More on the story from the school's press release:

The Jack the Bulldog mascot may become a friendlier and more-welcoming sight with a new design, but it will still retain many of the signature aspects that fans have grown to love through the years. Jack will feature the same blue and gray striped beanie with the “G” logo in the center. The kindly Jack will also feature a similar spiked collar and gray coloring. However, the new Jack will feature a cartoonier look, closer to the face of the Georgetown Kids’ Club logo.

“In working with the designers, we took the two previous mascots that they produced, as well as looked at our current bulldog seal and our kids’ club logo to merge them into a friendly face that will continue the legacy of the Jack the Bulldog mascot,” said Senior Director of Marketing Pete Kirschner. “I think the designers and our current and former mascots did a great job in capturing the kid friendly appeal of Jack.”

The move comes just five years after Georgetown underwent another mascot makeover.

courtesy of Georgetown Athletics

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