Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oakland Athletics had another sewage leak during game


The Oakland Athletics sneaked past the Los Angeles Angeles, 2-1, Tuesday night at the Coliseum. But one thing they couldn't sneak past was another sewage leak that ran over into their dugout during the seventh inning of the game.

Maintenance workers were forced to clean up the sewage backup by using mops in the dugout as players avoided the area like a plague. The backup reportedly came from the bathroom adjacent to the home dugout.

"There's no carpet down there (in the dugout), so it's a little bit better, but it's still pretty gross,'' A's infielder Jed Lowrie said. "It's kind of repulsive, honestly.''

Tuesday's blockage was isolated to just one toilet and was supposedly unclogged by using the snake method.

As bad as it sounds, team officials said it was nowhere near the same scale as the massive sewage backup the team experienced in June. That incident made national news when the spillage ran over into both clubhouses, the umpires' room, and the managers' offices.

"It doesn't seem to be related to that,'' A's VP of stadium operations David Rinetti said. "This one wasn't even close to the other issue.''

It's official. The 45-year-old Coliseum is crap.


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