Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mack Brown: Texas never offered Johnny Manziel a scholarship

It's no secret that Texas Longhorns head football coach Mack Brown isn't exactly in the best graces of fans right now. The Longhorns are 2-2 and Brown finds himself on a proverbial seat that is becoming hotter by the day.

One newfound revelation that may or may not sit well with Texas fans is what Brown told Dan Patrick on Patrick's radio show Friday. According to Brown, despite widespread rumors, the Longhorns did not offer reigning Heisman winner Johnny Manziel a scholarship with the intention to mold the quarterback into a safety. In fact, Brown says his staff never offered Manziel a scholarship at all.

“We never offered Johnny, and we sure didn’t offer him as a safety,” Brown said. “That’s been blown out of proportion.”

So, there you have it.

I know Manziel has plenty of baggage, but the redshirt sophomore at Texas A&M is proven to be the most prolific college football player in the country. And for Brown to admit that he never gave Manziel, a Texas native, a serious look is probably not the best thing to do in this time of uncertainty. It may just end up being another strike against him in the eyes of fans.

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