Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lions safety fined $5,000 for wearing wrong color socks

Detroit Lions safety Louis Delmas was hit with a fine by the National Football League after violating one of its dubious rules.

What was the infraction? Well, it appears as though Delmas landed himself in hot water because he wore the wrong color socks. And his decision cost him a hefty $5,000.

Apparently, Delmas opted to go with blue and black socks last Sunday, while the league only permits Lions players to wear blue and white, or all blue. There is no in between, folks.

Naturally, Delmas was not pleased about the situation. But what makes the incident even more frustrating for Delmas is the manner in which he found out about it.

When asked when the league informed him about the fine, Delmas replied by saying, "when I got the damn check."

Rules are rules, but the punishment definitely doesn't fit the crime here.

Via Eye on Football


  1. Far too blame rules. Fines for the pettiest reasons in golf, bowling, etc., all just to take away points or even deny the winner his award. The sports need to be rebooted from the start, esp. when games are outed for there being a girl among the players, or ...