Friday, September 6, 2013

Joe Theismann rips Johnny Manziel in lengthy rant

There has been no shortage of people who have decided to rip Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel this week following his controversial performance against Rice last weekend.

The latest person to do so is former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann. Theismann proceeded to go on a three-minute rant with Yahoo! Sports Radio to rail on Manziel as a quarterback, a Heisman trophy winner, and a person.

All in all, it was relatively brutal.

Johnny Manziel shows a great amount of immaturity. He shows a great amount of classlessness. He doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a leader. He doesn’t understand what it’s like to have the respect of the people in your business and with you. And for him to come out and say I’m only gonna stay one more year at Texas A&M, he would have trouble playing professional football with men.

His game is one of freelance football. It works very well in the Canadian league because I played up there. But in the National Football League, you can’t run around and think that you’re going to escape and outrun defensive ends and linebackers at this level. He’s not very disciplined in what he does. He’s not very mature in the way that he conducts his life and I think he should stay in college and grow up. And then if he thinks he can come and play with men, let him come.

But what really bothered me – there have been a number of things that bothered me about Johnny – but what really bothered me was when you walk by your head coach and ignore him, who the heck does he think he is? Yes, he won the Heisman Trophy; somehow he ended up winning the Heisman Trophy. Different guys kept falling off the map and all of a sudden he does his circus act against Alabama and everybody goes ‘Woo, OK fine, he’s the Heisman Trophy winner.’ Congratulations to him. I think that’s a great honor and a great award. But it also carries with it a degree with which you have to be respected and you have to conduct yourself in a respectful manner.

And what I saw him do in that game, in the conversation with the players, what I saw him do walking past his head coach, you’re the Heisman Trophy winner, you’ve been suspended by the NCAA, which by the way is the biggest joke in the world, for one half of a football game.

If you didn’t do something wrong, then don’t suspend him. There’s no such thing as he violated the spirit. What’s the spirit of what they’re talking about? They have no clue. So what happens is in this situation is you have a chance to go out on the football field, you’ve done your penance, you’ve received whatever fine or whatever penalty the NCAA wanted to dole out to you, now you get a chance to go out and lead your football team. You go out and get to show everybody that the things that happened, the things that were said about you, really aren’t you.

And then what he does is he just goes out and he just confirms that he’s not a very mature young man. And that he’s not a very goof leader of a football team. There are a lot of guys that have a lot of talent that play at our level. There are a lot of guys that have a lot of talent that play at the college level – Teddy Bridgewater at Louisville, the quarterback at Clemson, the quarterback at Florida State – I’d take any of those guys over Johnny Manziel in a heartbeat, in a heartbeat.


Theismann's comments come after a laughable half-game suspension, a fake autograph signing gesture, a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and his apparent dis of head coach Kevin Sumlin on the Aggies sideline during the Rice game.


  1. I think that is just a taaaaddd rough on the kid. Theisman must have been a really mature 20 year old. Hey we should all just pile on Johnny so we can get our name in the news. He didnt disrespect his coach, he knows his coach, that was a shut up and i understand moment, not a get out of my face coach, Theisman acts like he was on the sidelines. If a guy was talkin crap to me, i would of told him i wont sign his stuff either, last year we loved this kid for the way he played, we heard things like, hes brett favre like, he has so much passion, now its all negative bc maybe he took money for autographs and enjoyed himself in the offseason. Yea he needs to grow up, so do a lot of guys in teh NFL who are beating their wives, taking illegal substances, drinking and driving, Oh and murdering people. Theisman...shut one cares what you have to say...old news... sorry your not Johnny Football!

    1. He was correct in his statement and the rest of the year will prove how immature Johnny really is.

  2. For all you young fools out fool will always find another fool to laugh at his foolishness. This fool will end up selling cars in a used car lot, stay tuned folks!!!! Easy call, both feet clearly out of bounds, stupid is as stupid does!! TRUTH!!!

  3. J Football? Try Johnny GOOFBALL !

  4. Joe calls it like he sees it.

    BLC: Gotta' change the layout (white on black), eye trouble, big time.

  5. Please leave Johnny Manziel alone.He's a young kid playing college football, plus he's not that boring heiman trophy winner like the rest of them.Finally somebody won, that is exciting for change! GO JOHNNY HEIMAN, PLAY FOOTBALL AND HAVE FUN DOING IT!!! Oh yeah for those that don't know, Johnny did right by not talking back to his coach,their was no disrespect in what transpired when he walked off the field!!!! Just keeping it real!!!

  6. Johnny Football will get his call, from an outstanding NCAA referee, before the turkey gobbles in 2013 A Retired NCAA Referee

  7. Johnny Football will get his call, from an outstanding NCAA referee, before the turkey gobbles in 2013 A Retired NCAA Referee