Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Craigslist ad offers free ticket to Tennessee-Florida football game in exchange for date

If you are looking for a ticket to this Saturday's college football game between the Tennessee Volunteers and Florida Gators then you are in major luck!

However, the price of admission may come at a cost, just not monetary.

A Florida man posted a listing on Craigslist offering a free ticket to the rivalry game in exchange for the recipient to take his step-daughter on a date beforehand. Yes, you read that right.

From the listing:

My step-daughter's date backed out (his loss, your gain) for the game... 

1 Free ticket for the Tennessee-Florida Football game this Saturday (cost to me, $150) on the 40 for the right gentleman. You must be an attractive, professional, single well educated gentleman, with a good sense of humor, 25-33. You also must not be threatened by an attractive, professional, single well educated lady, (as she is). If you do not qualify, please pass this ad to a friend.

The fine print: I lied! (Sorry...not totally free). Your cost will be a modest dinner, drinks and delightful conversation with her before or after the game.

Hey, I can think of several worse ways to score a free ticket to a major college football game besides wining and dining a beautiful young lady.

And who knows? Perhaps the encounter could lead to a long relationship and wouldn't that be a great story to tell at the wedding?

Interested candidates should submit their request soon, though. The deadline to apply is midnight on Wednesday with the winner to be announced on Thursday.

Via Eye on College Football

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