Monday, September 9, 2013

Cavaliers, Bucks reportedly looking to put names of ticket holders on court

Season-ticket holders names could appear at an NBA court near you. (David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images)

In the latest attempt from professional sports teams to increase their revenue, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Milwaukee Bucks are reportedly awaiting league approval on a proposal that would allow them to put the names of season-ticket holders on their home courts.

The plan would allow names of season-ticket holders who are part of loyalty clubs to be placed on the apron surrounding the playing floor. However, the teams are exploring the possibility for the names to be placed directly on the court itself.

The idea was reportedly pitched to the league office this past summer, and would be similar to what many stadiums around the country do, selling bricks on sidewalks or walkways where fans can see their names outside of a venue.

Aside from the location of the names, there are still many details being discussed regarding the matter, including whether the privilege would be for existing or only new season-tickets holders, and whether the names would appear on the floor in a decal form or if they would be painted onto the floor panels, among other things.

Hey, anything to make a buck.

Via Sports Business Daily

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