Sunday, September 22, 2013

Busch Stadium grass in bad shape after being trampled on during football game

The groundskeepers at Busch Stadium are scrambling to get the grass back into playing shape before the St. Louis Cardinals return home on Monday to commence a season-ending homestand after a college football game on Saturday left the field in shambles.

For some reason, the Cardinals decided to let Southern Illinois and Southeast Missoursi State play a football game Saturday afternoon on the outfield grass. The game, which was attended by a mere 14,618, left the playing surface in such bad shape that it now requires a full sod replacement.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Worst case: Pretty much what happened. Thursday night’s rain and Friday’s day-long soaker followed an extended smoldering and dry period that had left the outfield a slip-and-slide zone. Conditions were dicey enough that the Cardinals and the two schools discussed canceling the event, which would have forced SEMO to host the game Sunday. Recent flooding in Colorado imperiled some grass farms just as the Cardinals decided they would need 13 truckloads of sod.

Thirteen truckloads of sod? Yikes. That amounts to over 100,000 square feet of new grass to lay down. And not only lay down, but make it all hold, as well.

Cardinals veteran outfielder Matt Holliday voiced his opinion on the situation by saying, It was already kicking up when the baseball players were on it,” said the Cardinals’ starting left fielder. “It’s something you think about — the condition of the field, how it’s going to play and what a football game would do to that. And you think about at this point of the season, being in a pennant chase and the timing of it. You don’t want anything to keep the field from being at its best.”

Good point.

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