Monday, September 16, 2013

Buffalo Bills Twitter account doesn't know how to keep score

The Buffalo Bills won in riveting fashion over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday thanks to a last minute touchdown pass from rookie quarterback EJ Manuel to Steve Johnson.

The score essentially gave the Bills a 24-23 lead with just six seconds to go in the game. However, the person responsible for the Bills Twitter account didn't see things that way.

They mistakenly sent out a hilarious tweet celebrating the team sending the game into overtime instead of taking the lead and subsequently winning the game shortly thereafter.

As you might imagine, the tweet quickly went viral, was chastised, and then deleted. But the blunder lives on forever thanks to the power of the internet.

Via For the Win

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  1. Actually earlier there was a missed FG. Since he is new to the Buffalo area , he needs to know that if you err in Buffalo with a Field goal it is best to do so to the left. Wide Right doesnt sell well with us die hard fans
    Texas Bills Fan