Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alex Rodriguez named 'face of baseball' in dubious survey

According to a fan survey conducted by Jayson Stark of, New York Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez is the face of baseball.

The controversial and troubled star garnered 22 percent of the overall vote, which was good enough to beat out fellow teammate Derek Jeter (12 percent), and Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera (9 percent) for the right to lay claim to the dubious title.

However, the results didn't come without a plethora of additional analytics.

Only 17 percent of fans who lived within 20 miles of a major league stadium picked A-Rod as their Face, compared to 25 percent of those who lived more than 100 miles away … But when we split the survey group into self-described “avid” fans versus “casual” fans, we found that casual fans who lived more than 20 miles from a big league stadium were more than twice as likely (30 percent) to choose A-Rod as their Face than avid fans who lived within 20 miles (15 percent).

Judging by the demographics of those who participated in the survey, the casual fan was much more inclined to tab A-Rod as the face of the game, likely due to the amount of exposure the polarizing veteran receives from the media. So, it just goes to prove that the media has a tremendous amount of influence on the uneducated portion of society, or in this case, casual fans. The avid baseball fans know the truth.

Via Hardball Talk

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